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    Default Mixed team: Warlock macro

    Hey there,

    I am still trying to solve my warlock curse / dot / shadow bolt rotation. I made a post over on isboxer and received good feedback on action timer groups — that I don’t really understand how to setup (my thread was here Does anyone have a solid DPS rotation walkthrough for their warlock they can share?

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    Since I've discovered castsequence, I simply mapped an isboxer hotkey to trigger castsequence macros on my mages and warlocks. My Lock looks something like this:

    /petattack [@pettarget, noexists]
    /castsequence reset=combat/target Curse Of Agony, Immolate,Corruption,Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt

    At the same time my mages are sequence spamming Frostbolts.
    I keep my warrior attacks on separate keys and I clique heal using VFX (thanks Mirai)
    I spam a Wand attack on a separate hotkey for longer fights/mana conservation.

    I need some downtime to add in Drain modifiers;

    /cast [mod:shift, @target, exist] Drain Life
    /cast [mod:alt, @target, exist] Drain Mana

    Hope this helps?

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    Personally i dont have time or the will to minmax everything, so i use a site like *using the section named "easy mode".... ofc

    Like, for aff lock, scroll down to nr 7 and 7.1

    I look at what they suggest, prioritywise, for single and multiple targets, then create and finetune best i can, mostly using castsequence macros. Major damage cooldowns i have on a seperate macro button. Sometimes i cant really get the macros to line up perfectly + include every spell suggested by the guide, but ohwell, its good enough for me. Dps/healing isnt too bad.

    If there arent any guides out there, i manually look thru the talents and spellbook and create my own rotations.

    Me and the orgrimmar training dummies are good friends.
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    It sounds like you're trying to dot and then shadowbolt.

    So just a macro like this:

    /castsequence [nochanneling, talent:1/3, talent:2/1/2] reset=target/combat Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Unstable Affliction, Unstable Affliction, Deathbolt, Agony, Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Agony, Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt

    The talent selection lets you choose which rotation to use based on the talents and you can see it applies dots, several UAs and finally deathbolt before it goes into a non-deathbolt rotation (because deathbolt has a 30 second cooldown).

    It will reset on target, which may not work very well within 30 seconds. You can change that up however you like. I highly, highly recommend using GS vanilla (not GSE) because you can put all your macros in a single file and use notepad++ to edit them which is visually better than the WoW macro window.

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