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    Can someone help me comprehend this?

    -2B) Killing by level 60 Pet(s) of any level mobs can help after the characters to be boosted tag the mobs. Note that there does need to be 2+ alts in the party to be boosted for the XP to scale well. If you don't want to split the XP between the alts you can have one die, release, and sit as a ghost in the grave yard far enough away from where you are killing mobs and all the XP will go to the alive alt."

    Is this saying that a hunter outside of your group can send in the pet, after a party member in the group tags, and then the party will get pull xp as if the hunter pet did not help?

    Thanks for the help!
    Yes provided that your lower level characters are in a party of 2+ characters and only pets damage the mobs after the lower level character(s) tag the mobs.

    That means if both characters are in range then both split the XP. If you really only want to boost 1 character then you need to allow the other to die and stay at a Grave Yard far enough away to not get XP.

    Note that it does not need to be a Hunter's pet as Warlock pets also work (but Hunter pets are likely much better).

    Edit: It has been discussed in various threads that this approach works fantastically at the lower levels but tends to peter out depending on the number of hunters which is why for a 5boxer the optimal pet tagging group would likely be 3 Hunters with max beast mastered pets considering you need to have at least 2 alts being boosted.
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