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    Note: Thanks to Starym from for initially posting about this...
    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    ... Approaches for Power Leveling:
    Approach 4: Staggering higher level alts at level break-points to kill mobs tapped by lower level characters in the open world. The assumption with this approach is that your higher level alts are killing mobs that are green to them so there is no reduced XP but if they are green then the higher level alts will level up also. One scenario that may turn this into an advantage would be when folk want to level lots of alts to 35+ for passive crafting cooldowns. You could have higher level alts tap level lower level alts. Mages & Warlocks would be amazing for this since they can AOE while the lowbies run around tapping stuff.
    Best Tagging options: This portion ... was added to help folk tag mobs effectively. The following are the most efficient options folk have discussed to date (use down-ranked versions of spells unless designated otherwise):
    • Priest: Holy Nova: AoE tag/heal, instant cast, and NO threat. ...
    The following is the best example I have seen of using Approach 4 to level to cap and may be the fastest /played on record (19hours and 10 minutes).

    Approach used the best tagging option (Priest)...

    Approach used upto 16 accounts of mainly Mages+Priests to kill the mobs tagged by the Priest and the boosting toons level breakpoints used to kill the tagged mobs and still award XP to the boostee tagger as efficiently as possible was:

    Level 7 (13 toons)
    Level 16 (13 toons)
    Level 26 (13 toons)
    Level 35 (13 toons)
    Level 46 (13 toons)
    Level 60 (16 toons)

    It took about 4 months leveling and gearing them like twinks (gear, enchants & more) to make things more efficient...

    Most levels were using the HyperSpawns except 40-44 and 58-60 were done via quest turn-ins.

    A video of the record is here:

    It was hilarious to watch at X2 speed as it is already sped up and doing it that way only took ~15 minutes (even with briefly pausing it a few times)...
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    I am looking to update the HyperSpawns tab with more mobs for grinding/tagging in the open world for high 40s-60.

    Are the Vilebranch Trolls in the Hinterlands & the Incendosaurs in the Searing Gorge the best 48+ mobs to tag by lower level characters so 60s can kill them?

    What other mobs in which zones do folk recommend for going from 50-60?

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