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    Quote Originally Posted by brwn253 View Post
    Can someone help me comprehend this?

    -2B) Killing by level 60 Pet(s) of any level mobs can help after the characters to be boosted tag the mobs. Note that there does need to be 2+ alts in the party to be boosted for the XP to scale well. If you don't want to split the XP between the alts you can have one die, release, and sit as a ghost in the grave yard far enough away from where you are killing mobs and all the XP will go to the alive alt."

    Is this saying that a hunter outside of your group can send in the pet, after a party member in the group tags, and then the party will get pull xp as if the hunter pet did not help?

    Thanks for the help!
    Yes provided that your lower level characters are in a party of 2+ characters and only pets damage the mobs after the lower level character(s) tag the mobs.

    That means if both characters are in range then both split the XP. If you really only want to boost 1 character then you need to allow the other to die and stay at a Grave Yard far enough away to not get XP.

    Note that it does not need to be a Hunter's pet as Warlock pets also work (but Hunter pets are likely much better).

    Edit: It has been discussed in various threads that this approach works fantastically at the lower levels but tends to peter out depending on the number of hunters which is why for a 5boxer the optimal pet tagging group would likely be 3 Hunters with max beast mastered pets considering you need to have at least 2 alts being boosted.

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    I would like to begin och a fresh realm with a new team. 1 priest and 7 mages. I thought about leveling 1 priest and 4 mages and then so the other team afterwards and boost it by 1 60 mage. Now before ive begun Im starting to feel like its gonna be one long journey. This thread is awesome, How would you experts reach my goal with the above mentions?
    also, does anyone know of a leveling addon that excludes gathering quests, i feel like leveling 2 group of 4 each could be Viable at the Same time, would like to skip the gathering ones then though.

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    New realm > level 4 Mage + 1 priest (5 accounts), boost 3 mages + a throwaway using one of your mages.

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    WoW Classic - Level 1- 60 World Record in 21Hr 16Mins | Power Leveling

    1-8 tagging with out-of-party hunter pets killing
    8-20 one pull RFC
    20-40 one pull SM boosting
    40-54 one pull Mara boosting
    54-60 one pull ZG boosting

    Note that he maximized rested exp at all times, so without being rested it'd be 2x as long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak3676 View Post
    WoW Classic - Level 1- 60 World Record in 21Hr 16Mins | Power Leveling

    1-8 tagging with out-of-party hunter pets killing
    8-20 one pull RFC
    20-40 one pull SM boosting
    40-54 one pull Mara boosting
    54-60 one pull ZG boosting

    Note that he maximized rested exp at all times, so without being rested it'd be 2x as long.
    I always find these records to be quite ridiculous.

    It's like if we're all driving around in normal cars, and then someone posts about how the land-speed record was broken by a specially designed vehicle that is made out of cardboard (don't get it wet), the frame weighs in at 12 lbs., and it's equipped with two jet engines for a total of 1600 horsepower. At the same time, Earth is furthest from the sun to ensure its gravitational pull on the planet is the lowest it can be, reaching the speed requires a 4-mile straightaway that is 22° north along the Prime Meridian for pristine atmospheric results, and Venus has to be in retrograde.

    Like... uh, okay. Cool.

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, it's impressive that someone went through the effort to achieve that, but it's generally outside of the realm of any normal user/player.
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    Sure, I wouldn't expect that anyone would follow him trying to emulate exactly what he did - as you point out that's not realistic, and I pointed out that he was fully rested the whole time which also isn't the way that any normal person plays.

    But I think pieces may be applicable to the MB community and builds off a lot of what was debated earlier in this thread.

    Until someone shows otherwise, I'd take his videos as summarizing our current understanding of the fastest way to level a single alt and good indications of the quickest way to level up to 4/5 alts at a time. I imagine even once we get into TBC-Classic, people will be referring back to this thread to quickly level their new BELFs.

    Approach 2B (tagging mobs with a lowbie then killing them with an out-of-party hunter/lock pet) is the quickest way to level a single alt until you are high enough level to get into dungeons (8 for Horde, 10 for Alliance). He said that was 25min of /played - even if you double that to 50min due to lack of rested exp that's probably achievable by anyone here. Although this method doesn't directly apply to leveling a team of 4 or 5 as you'd be splitting the party exp, so there's still room to debate the quickest way to level multiple chars when pre-dungeon.

    Approach 1* (High level main boosts up to 4 alts a time in dungeons) is the quickest way to level 1-4 alts beginning as soon as you can get into any dungeon. *The "1-pull" method where your high level (optimally a specifically spec'd and geared mage) pulls every mob in the dungeon near to the entrance then AOE's them all down using known mob pathing mechanics is the quickest dungeon boosting method. This approach actually works best with 4 alts being boosted by the level 60, due to a formula we don't exactly understand, but is approximated by the average character level in the dungeon.

    The 1 part I's like to research more is figuring out the formula for splitting party exp when the party members are all of different levels. Exp seems to approximately be awarded based on the average character level in the party, so bringing in lower levels chars to keep the average low improves the overall exp gained.

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    Because split group exp is terrible for us, i'd say stay away from mob grinding. Quests are our biggest source of exp since it doesnt split, so i'd say if anyone really cares about speed leveling teams, then to make a multiboxer specific questing guide similar to Joanna's, but obviously no collection quests ect, and to maybe use a set of warlock planted in specific quest hubs for faster travel. If someone made the effort to make a guide i bet a group of 5 wouldnt be so far off of soloing speed. The biggest issue would be traveling time imo.

    I have a new team i'm going to level Alliance side when i'm not so busy with retail, so i think i will make time to set up a questing guide like Joanna's for multiboxers. Hopefully it works out.

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    <insert meme of squinting Fry saying "can't tell if trolling" here>

    i'd say stay away from mob grinding. Quests are our biggest source of exp
    That is objectively and demonstratively false.

    Almost all questing while multiboxing is terrible exp/hour. There's few open world places you can combine multiple kill quests at the same time for "good, but not great" exp/hour, but as soon as you take into account the travel time to get to the quest giver, then from the quest give to the objective and then back again you realize you would have been better to just stay in dungeon where you can keep AOE grinding elites without traveling. This is measurable and already proven.

    Are you talking about having a lock to summon your party to the quest giver then another lock to every kill objective then back to the quest giver for every quest? That could result in very little recorded /played time, but your time to position multiple locks around every quest hub would result in far greater time & effort for you overall. That also wouldn't be "Boosting" or "Powerleveling" which is this thread's topic.

    There's already a great multiboxing leveling guide on this forum.! You'll see some dungeon and open world quests listed are worth completing as you're already doing the dungeon run anyway. But mob AOE grinding in dungeons is by far the fastest way to level multiple accounts. I think I posted all my exp/hour rates in the guide. If you find some additional quest hubs that are better, I'd add those to that thread to keep this thread focused on boosting and powerleveling.

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    Default Mages are the king of boosting and leveling...

    Love Paladins and Warriors but there is no contest between them and Mages when it comes to speed boosting. I suspect that even pet boosting with 3+pets would not get anywhere near this fast as it would slow down as you got closer to cap.

    This time with essentially no rested XP a Mage boosted a single character from 1-60 in 1 day 16 hours and 20 minutes in game time (40.33 hours played) over an elapsed time of 2 days 2 hours and 38 minutes (50.63 hours total time). I think the ~10 hours between played and total time was the time he took to nap/rest and otherwise do admin/prep on his other account.

    This was done by mainly a level 60 Mage boosting a Mage from 1-60 with both Mages mainly doing large pulls by leveraging pathing with blizzard (sometimes only the 60 AoEed, only the leveling character AoEed, or they both AoEed). As far as I saw (I only reviewed some of the footage) one person played both Mages and otherwise they had a 2nd person on his Warlock doing resets of instances and going ahead and summoning them to the next locations once they out-leveled a given area.

    I didn't review all the details but there were some definite banking of mats for turn-ins for XP which shaved off at least a few levels but then again it was on a PVP server and he was stream sniped for at least 4 hours (possibly more). There may have been some open world mob tagging (not sure) but most of what I saw was instance based pulls...

    I suspect there will be a summary video put to youtube at some point but for now the raw footage is here:

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    Looks like Arlaeus actually leveraged multiple of the strategies documented in this thread to go so fast (not sure if they learned about Pet Tagging from these forums or not).

    Part1: Strategy 2B: Pet killing Tags: Level 1->25;

    Part2: Strategy 1: PowerLeveling in Instances: 25->37 (SM);

    Part3: Strategy 1: PowerLeveling in Instances: 37->40 (Mara/ZF);

    Part4: Solo - No Boosting: 40->50 (ZF Zombies) & the lower level Mage did the Blizzard-Kiting;

    Part5: Strategy 1: PowerLeveling in Instances: 50->58 (ZG);

    Part 6: Quest Turn-ins: 58->60 Coin ZG turn-ins;

    They may have planned on doing some "Strategy 2A open world tagging" but, if they did, they likely abandoned it due to griefing by the other faction (they were on a PVP server).

    Summary here with some graphs:

    I believe he plans to post more details in followup videos for each of the above parts...
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