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    Default End of the era of not having The Horseman's Reins on all accounts.

    About day three of this year's Halloween event, I received the final Headless Horseman's Mount for my accounts. There was much rejoicing. (Yay.) For 5 minutes, anyhow.

    Yes, I am running separate Bnet accounts. If you look at my signature you can see part of the story. I have been trying since the beginning, some years having more eligible chars than others. (New expansion right before Halloween, BAD.)

    In 2011, I received the obligatory duplicate mount on one of the accounts. At this point, all accounts had the mount, except my main account and my spare account 6.

    In 2013, I pushed hard on Halloween, hard enough that it took me until 2018 to realize I hadn't logged into WoW in awhile.

    In 2018, I re-subbed, and, account 6 got the mount.

    In 2019, finally, the main account got it.
    Doing my best to get motivated for the WoW Headless Horseman mount hunt of 2013... so far failing. and now in 2018, let's see about those HH mounts! [Edit: Actually got an HH mount in 2018... on separate account 6. One to go! In 2019, my last BNet accout, the main one, got the HH mount. End of an era.]

    I multibox because I have no time, have a life, have a job and[/or] money and have little patience for drama and temper tantrums. -- heffner

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    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    the mount is really good with multiboxing, unlike most other flying mounts it doesnt stick to the ground during /follow, so when you jump on the leader the others just lift off with you.

    Hallows End event was absolutely amazing the first time it came out, those designers deserve a raise.

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    Grats ...
    5 Boxing ❮WicKeD ArmY❯ Runetotem US Horde

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