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    Default EU PvE - Pyrewood Village (A) Multiboxing Guild - <Never Alone>

    Presenting, <Never Alone>!

    I started out as part of a normal guild, but I got so many "oh, a multiboxer" comments and realised that our playstyle really doesn't mesh well with the more traditional players.

    So I set up a guild for multiboxers in Pyrewood Village EU (Alliance). I know we have a large multiboxer community in Pyrewood Village, and so I hope that the guild will help to bring us all together. Right now we are small (two members, 10 characters!) but as we grow I hope we can do more guild events, with a multiboxer twist!

    The guild is open to any and all multiboxers, whether you're just dual boxing or running whole 40 man raids yourself.

    Drop by to our Discord for an invite!

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    We now have a few members! And a guild bank stocked up with bags to help out new teams.

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