Hey guys,
Long time lurker but first time posting.
I've been a keyclone user for years during the old RAF times to level alts but never knew ISboxer even existed before a couple months ago when I saw a team of 6-8 druids fly in and all of them mined the node right in front of me. I knew that with keyclone mouse keys weren't copied so at first i thought it was bots being on the same farming path but i messaged one of them and guy told me he was multiboxing with ISboxer.

After doing some research i figured I would get into multiboxing as soon as the new RAF system comes up, thinking if i'm paying for 8 subs then i would get 2 free months every month pretty much. I linked all 8 accounts but I'm having an issue to where I'm getting raid exp when i tag mobs while leveling. Even with 2 teams of 4 i still get the same issue. The new RAF system doesnt just work when in party together but also if within 50feet of each other. I'm starting to think that because all 8 characters are linked thru 2 battlenet accounts it doesn't matter the group comp with the RAF system and thinks its a raid of 8.

Has anyone ran into the same issue or knows of a way to get around it?