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    Default Duo(possibly trio) boxing questions

    So I currently have 2 accounts but I am only playing one and I'm curious as to what classes work best in a 2 box setup? I can potentially get a third account up and running so if that's the case what would work best for that? What kind of content can I expect to be able to handle, I assume no full dungeon clears like the 5boxing but there are other ways of generating income and whatnot. Not having much luck finding people who aren't 5 boxing so hoping some people have some experience and advice to offer.

    I'll be playing horde if that matters and have a little amount of gold to work with in terms of supplying the characters with bags and stuff.

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    Right now I'm running a group with holy priest, arms warrior, and prot paladin. It's a ton of fun and I've been able to handle everything I've come across. I can easily take out camps and elites other people wouldn't dare try. And once I out level certain dungeons, I'm going to try running them.

    I'm also leveling up a group with a resto druid, rogue, and feral druid for eventual stealth runs. I haven't gotten very far with them yet, though.

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    2 Hunters + Healer can clear lots of content (or Hunter+Healer if a duo).

    Hunter+Druid kinda fits thematically and if on the Alliance side the pet and hunter+druid can all stealth ambush if you go Night Elf. Shadowmeld is great on a PVP server if you want to avoid an engagement or just AFK a minute (or look something up in a browser) and you can even finish eating/drinking while ShadowMelded.

    Searching the forums yields these previous threads on Duos or Trios that discuss this and other duo/trio combos:
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    I was also debating duo/trio boxing because I wanted 1-2 characters to help my main farm gold and gear. After reading alot I just spent the money and got 5 accounts (4+1 main). Easier to just stay in dungeons as a 5-man to 60.

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