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    Do the summons and bonus +50% XP work in Classic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    Do the summons and bonus +50% XP work in Classic?
    No, they only work in retail.

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    This does affect WoW classic at least from a free subscription time/game time benefit and the rewards are NOT small for Classic...

    Even if you only play Classic, if you are going to enable new accounts anyway, it would be a waste to not RAF yourself. Unlike some previous programs the new one rewards the recruiter indefinitely. Every 3 months any of your recruits pays a subscription (in any combination), results in a free month to the recruiter...

    For example, a new person starting 10 boxing Classic would get get 3 free Classic subscriptions in perpetuity (and thus only have to pay for 7 going forward) and that doesn't include the free months his first new account could give to a current subscriber... That is assuming that none of his 2nd-9th accounts can recruit his 1st account (which he maybe can actually do)...

    To effect this, for example, the new boxer starts a new or returning account (that ideally is RAFed by a current player).

    The new Player's 1st account recruits accounts 2,3,4 and these fund his first account...

    The new Player's 2nd account recruits accounts 5,6,7 and these fund his second account...

    The new Player's 3rd account recruits accounts 8,9,10 and these fund his third account...

    I am not sure if accounts 2-4 can RAF 1 but likely any of accounts 5-10 could also RAF the 1st account (if within 7 days) so likely you could result in a full 5 free accounts...

    Even 5 boxers result in at least 1.33 free subscriptions for themselves and should at least give .33 a free subscription to someone else (net 1.67 free subscriptions)... It may even be possible to give yourself all 1.67 subscriptions (not sure on that)...

    Note that the source for the above extrapolation is in the RAF page itself toward the bottom via this sentence:

    "Every 3 months after your 12 month reward, you’ll get 30 days of game time."
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    In my opinion, totally not worth it for only 50%. It's such a pain to set up new accounts and buy the game just for that bonus. 300% it was, but not now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by z0k View Post
    I just resubbed a week ago. I would have gotten a refund and restarted but the xp is only 150% vs the old 300%.
    Considering this, I'm not sure it's really worth going through the hassle of getting a refund, starting new accounts, and having blizz move my stuff.
    The summons ARE nice though.
    If 7 days or less you should still be able to RAF yourself if you act fast...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    If 7 days or less you should still be able to RAF yourself if you act fast...
    My accounts are years old. Probably would have made sense to say screw it and start new accounts but they're all under the same bnet which is nice.
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