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    Default [WOW Classic] ISBoxer custom key map?

    I would like to make two custom macros in Isboxer.
    Team makeup: 1 Priest, 1 Lock, 2 Mages, Pally tank

    1. In a single button press (with a modifier even is fine). I would like both mages to cast Arcane power and the Priest to cast power infusion on the lock. I understand how to make the macro for the priest to give the warlock power infusion buff. If I were to place all those on say key 5 this would do exactly what I want to do.

    But in ISboxer, how would I accomplish this? The side bars in the interface of wow doesn’t communicate what key binding they are, so looks like ill need to do this in Isboxer. To make it active when (example) I use Alt Y.

    2. That and a mount macro x5, which again. I’d need to know how to do that in isboxer so if I hit (example Alt W) all jump on their mount.

    Any help or even some Key Map examples would be helpful!
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    You will need to find a way to target the warlock. Assuming you are familiar with isboxer, one way to do that is to use the "Target Slot" variable keystroke. The other option is to make a macro in the helper section with /target name. In the key you make you can add as many actions as you want (well ... almost .... don't put 20 actions and expect to do them all in 1 push ...), you can have the AP sent to the mages (ATG or SLOT/Character as target), "Target Slot" or "/target name" macro and the PI key/macro sent to priest (again, ATG or SLOT/Character as target).

    It will look something like this --->

    NOTE1 : Ignore the key map where i have placed this key, you should have it under .... "Custom Hotkeys"
    NOTE2 : I am not watching the forums too often , would suggest to post in isboxer forum or to jump on discord.

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    Messing around with it in length. I did get some where.

    In terms of in-game I finally figured out what action bar key bindings match up in the wow client. So i've made progress there.

    Also have the in-game macros correct. But IsBoxer is still giving me trouble.

    I binded two abilities across all toons
    Alt D for "power up" Which does the power infusion on lock and uses arcane power on mages
    Alt M for mount up on all toons.

    If I press the Alt D button it only broad casts to the current active window, not all of them. That's the issue. Upon trying different settings and things I ended up breaking the M key and it would no longer work, period. Took a while but manage to restore the use of that key. Seems like anytime I need to touch something I break it from inexperience.

    All I really need to do is be able to broadcast a key binding to all windows. Thats the procedure I need help with at this point.
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    Due to Blizzards position on Hong Kong, money > freedom. I stopped playing.

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    The reason it is only working in your focused window is that you've not setup any way of broadcasting it to your other clients.

    All you need for that is a mapped key. Here is the official Wiki page:

    And here is a video tutorial on them: This tutorial is for a slightly older version of ISBoxer, but the processes are more or less the same. ISB42 just uses a slightly different keymap layout. In general you can create your mapped keys in one of the key maps ending in "Hotkeys". For example ISBoxer 42 Custom Hotkeys should work fine for most teams setup through the quick setup wizard.

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