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    Default Faerlina Horde Boxers?

    Time to roll in this server and join

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    Pretty awesome. I can't imagine paying $600 a month, but pretty great that he is able to do it. Going to be epic in world PvP. Saw Swifty get crushed on stream by a level 40 something Shaman team earlier on Faerlina as well!

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    oh its prepared that guy originally got me into multiboxing when i saw a video of him boxing in tbc he hasnt changed at all

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    Swifty was also planning to multibox to 60, to prevent people from ganking him, but the queue times were so horrible that if one of your guys dc'd you would have to wait 2 hours before logging in, and you got no instant relog if you got dc'd during first 2 weeks

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    Yeah, this guy was on my server KJ during Cata. He ran a bunch of death knights and boomkins then.

    The first Multi boxer I ever ran across in a game was Sam Deathwalker, he was boxing a group of wizards on my Everquest server Sullon Zek back in the day.

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    He's ranting right now live and defending boxers with 300 viewers including Asmongold

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