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    This is exactly what I was looking for. Scholo was definitely one of the hurdles I wasn't sure if this team would be able to manage.

    Any chance of uploading some DM runs now that it's released?
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    thats sick man! goodjob

    Would love some info on ur poly setup
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jofogutt View Post
    thats sick man! goodjob

    Would love some info on ur poly setup
    I created a round robin hotkey in isboxer and then I made a macro in game that looks like this:
    /cast Polymorph
    /cleartarget [@player]

    Only issue with this setup is that you need a small delay when you take a new target and cast a spell or the game wont register your new target when you try to assist. To counter this delay I sometimes tab between my characters and take a different target with each mage, then I can cast polymorph with all 4 mages at the same time without any delay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    Mages purely destroy everything. And I think there are better speccs for clearing Scholo then Frost. Soon 60 so I'll post some extreme videos :P
    In this video I am using my frost spec that I have been testing for PvP, this spec is far from pefect for PvE but it still works. Arcane/fire with pyroblast would probably have better burst and more damage.

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    Very cool, love the shackle on a priest as you need it for that instance, as you nuke them all on mages
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    I have a group of warriors, paladin and a priest at 57-58, i haven't lvedl them in a few days, been working on my mages, almost lvl 20 now, loving the group, so much easier to work with, I will get my melee to 60, but the mages will be my main team ill sprinkle in the warriors when needed, if needed.

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    So dope.

    Why you do this tho? Making me ADD team swap again. Bouncing between trinity, MMMMP, LLLLP, and 5 pala. Back to my. MMMMP team!

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    I was also bouncing between PMMMM and SWWWW. I was leaning more towards the mages because i just couldn't see how it would not work. This confirms i am on the right track currently lvl 42 and got mounts. Thanks for the video! I will now only play warrior team when they are capped on rested.
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    So far I am lvl 21 almost 22, I have 4 human mages 1 human priest, I have wiped 3 times in Dead Mines, but i have been able to get to the final boss with my team. So far comparing to my melee team, this is much easier and I can see some awesome potential with the team.

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    I am definitely having issues with alliance mages, I am guessing it is easier, with horde, I always find Dead Mines to be a pain in the ass.

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