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    Default New Multiboxer Click to Move Help

    I am trying to have click to move always on for all of my characters as I want to practice controlling 3 characters like that for running battle grounds in classic. Any tips on how to set this up or any other tips on running characters without follow? Also I saw a thread about using a move action to fix runaways when using interact with target and could use some help setting this up. Maybe these are dumb questions but I am new to this and need someone to dumb this down for me if able.

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    Basically when they hit a button it broadcasts S or one of the other action moves. They set this up using their multiboxing software to do so.
    If you have IWT turned on for all your actions that's not going to help you as it's going to repetitively spam the IWT button, which is why people will typically bind IWT, use it a handful of times, and broadcast their move button to keep under control. Also keep in mind IWT works with Click to Move as well. So you might want to look into playing around with that turned on. That's what actually leads to runaways.

    Back when I had a DK team in WotLK I just set everything to IWT, kept an eye on my slaves and would spam my follow keybind if one started to run away.
    I can't speak to which of these solutions is more common. The way I did it was certainly the lazier way, but I also like to do the least amount of modifications in ISBoxer as possible.

    Lastly, you might want to post this to the classic forums?

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