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    Default Wow Retail question (it's been a long time)

    I stopped playing retail at the end of WOTLK. In wow, That was my all time favorite expansion. The reason was the 5 man gear sets. Don't have to worry about competition on wining rolls, just grind the instance and slowly but surely receive your epic dungeon set, bonuses were awesome. Gear was great too! Least for my needs.

    I was wondering if there is a set like that today in the current retail version? If I didn't want to raid and just 5 man stuff, is there gear set rewards like WOTLK?

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    There haven't been 5-man dungeon sets for a very long time, at least not like back in TBC, which, I agree, were nice and gave players something to work toward. However, that doesn't mean that there's not stuff to do for those who don't wish to raid, yet still want something to keep them occupied, since dungeons these days have an infinitely-increasing difficulty to them, which go: Normal < Heroic < Mythic < Mythic+. Do be warned, though, that, for the past few expansions, some dungeons have sometimes felt like mini-raids, and a Mythic+ 5-man dungeon, after a certain point, can become much more difficult than an "easy" raid—obviously barring any mechanics that require more than one tank/healer role present in the group.

    Mercurio and SerScruffington have both been successful at pushing high-level keys this expansion, and a few others have also shared their teams pushing into the 4-8 range with varying compositions, in the Movies sub-forum.

    Also, I moved this thread back into the main forum, since it technically falls under general discussion of the game, and I don't think it's too far off topic to warrant placing it elsewhere.
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