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    Default Implementing a 60 into multi-box

    Would there be any benefit to using my 60 lock to faster boost 1-2 characters while muli-boxing.

    I've been thinking id level a hunter and druid as duo. Not sure how i would use my 60 lock or if it would make the leveling any faster.
    Maybe drop the hunter and duo level as a druid and 60 lock.

    My goal is just to get a healer on another account ASAP and I dont wanna solo level it because its dull and boring.

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    I can't communicate if it would be worth the exp tax for having a high level in the group, don't have much experience with that method. But you could use the 60 to carry your alts on Elite quests and instances for a quick run. Removes the LFG time, also as a result the rewards would help you level, so there would be at least that advantage. D
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    Someone mentioned locks and mages were good for boosting in dungeons in a previous thread. I believe the trick was gathering all mobs possible at once then killing them to compensate for the level difference.

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