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    Default Suggestions for 5 Box Setup for WPvP and Questing

    I made my first group focused around supporting a warrior and leveled entirely through instances starting with RFC up into my 40s, but I'm just getting super bored with it. I would like to make a second team that I will try to level up via questing so I was hoping to get some suggestions on what type of setups would be the most efficient for world pvp to hopefully keep me from embarrassing myself too badly.

    I feel like I can automatically rule out hunters because I see the dead zone being too much of an issue. Multiple warriors sounds fun, but looks like it may get messy trying to control if they get rooted (I'm really interested in trying out 3 warriors + 2 paladins now since my other guys are Horde). Other options that sound good in my head is stacking warlocks or shadow priests, I feel like mages just may be too squishy but I could be wrong.

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    If you are going to mainly level via Questing & killing mobs having 1 Hunter in the group may be OK for Aspect of the Pack for the group and a decent off-tank via pet for your group (or the pet could be your "main tank" if you have mainly a ranged group killing regular/elite mobs in the open world).

    WPVP while leveling though will be painful if you encounter one or more level 60s of the opposing faction. I am not sure I would recommend leveling via questing/grinding (no dungeons) on a PVP server that is dominated by the opposite faction. If I was going to do that I would consider a stealth capable group like Druids (or 1 Rogue+Druids).
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    For world PvP a four warlock/priest team is quite strong. For PvE, the team gives you the ability to efficiently quest in the open world if you want a break from the dungeon grind of your warrior team. Although it is nice to have the voidwalker pets tank each dungeon once or twice to complete the quests. For PvP, many warlock abilities can be cast without facing your target. So even if someone is running circles around you, your corruption and curse of agony can fire off and the enemy has eight dots on them in an instant.

    My lock/priest team is only 28 at the moment as I am focusing on my other team, but the farming potential at max level is huge both in dungeons with VW tank and in OW with the ability to multidot everything.

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    I saw Peregrine post on here in another thread that he "rerolled my 4x lock/disc lv 60 due to unhappiness in pvp."

    He posts a lot on here and seems to have a lot of exp so it must have turned out to be not nearly as great at 60 as it looks in theory.
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    For questing I've found Affliction warlocks to shine here. Basically Dot and go. While mages in close range instant done everything in a couple of clicks, wont be long before you need to drink. Lock dots however are cheap. Plus life tap. So a kill quest you can just hit auto run and hit tab and use a cast sequence macro to have the all three instant cast dots on it and your good to go! Very mobile, always moving team. That's what I liked about it. Unless your in an instance you never drink with life tap and heals.

    In PVP you see someone, hit your cast sequence like any other mob, three times and your done. They can do whatever they want but those 12 dots will kill them in a few ticks. It's also a bit more joyful to watch as you get to see panic set in and then finally acceptance as they just stop running and stand there to prepare for the corpse run.

    If enough people fight you and you die, you get to soul stone back up and dot the survivors.

    Post BC wouldn't recommend. But that's another conversation for another day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradster View Post
    Post BC wouldn't recommend. But that's another conversation for another day.
    Cloak of Shadows was basically "screw affliction warlocks" ability, I hated it so much

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