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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    So level 60s can kill level 48+ mobs to give full XP to even level 1 characters if the level 1 characters tag the mob before the level 60 character damages it.

    But level 60 pets can kill even as low as level 28+ mobs (& possibly lower) to give full XP to at least level 20+ characters if the lower level characters tag the mob before the level 60 character damages it?

    If I understood that correctly that is very interesting.

    Assume it will work from level 1 with warlock pets, but the people tagging have to be in a party for it to work for some reason. Solo player tagging with warlock pets killing them after doesnt work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medbear View Post
    You can use level 1 characters to tag lvl48 mobs, and kill them with 60s, and they will get the highest xp they can get at lvl 1. It doesnt matter if they are skull to the person tagging. Only thing that matters is that they are atleast green to the person that kills them.

    I've tested this by summoning a level 1 into Searing Gorge, and tagging a mob that my lvl 60 tank was holding threat on. Took a while to get a hit tho :-)

    Boosting in Jintha'alor works also.
    Does this mean I can put my 60 lock in a group with my 4 level 20's while farming felcloth in Feralas? What kind of exp/hr are we looking at and do the lowbies tag them then the lock finishes them off outside of group?

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