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    I assumed mages would be decent in PvP. My concern was they wouldn't be able to kill end-game bosses but, judging by the video, it seems you can manage by just spamming heals and hoping the mages have enough DPS to down the boss before healer runs OOM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    Well, nearly 1 shotting as in takes 4 secs to kill boss

    Mind you, I ma still lv 58

    But even tht is extreemly possible ,just have priest PI the mage, have lokc in group with curse of elements>and solid gear>pew pew
    I thought 1 shotting used to mean 1 spell (per character in this case) :P

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    Mind to post your Priest Talent build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    I am currently lv 40++ with my mages. I'll post in a week videos. You can also follow my stream and I'll stream it all the time from now on when I am on. Expect some high value pvp/pve content.
    Nice content Peregrine, one can see you fell in love with the 4M1P comp. May I ask, how you manage the ground target spells on the mage? In your stream it looks like you don't target them anymore at all (or click super fast). Flamestrike for instance, how do all mages ground target at once so precisely?

    I went for a mixed team (Druid,Priest,Mage,WL,Shaman) Also quite happy but also a lot slower lol. Intrigued to roll another 4M1P comp, but just don't have the time it takes. (and the nerves)

    Thanks in advance!

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