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    I'm new to using HotKeyNet. I attempted to find a resolution elsewhere but couldnt find this mentioned so either its really a dumb question or a good one.

    I'm using HKN version 210, downloaded from their site. Im using the sample script provided for using 2 instances of wow on 1 pc.
    The issue i'm having is my main window 'wow1' is sending the keys stroked through to 'wow2' but it is not sending the to itself 'wow1'.
    For example, I hit the 1 key while my main screen is 'wow1' and it will cast frostbolt for 'wow2' and nothing for 'wow1'
    Also when this issue is taking place nothing on my action bar #0-9 is responding, but i can use a shift modifier to press keys on 'wow1' still.

    Appreciate any advice or help that can be provided.

    Thank You,

    My OS is Windows 10, Logitech G510 keyboard, Razor Naga mouse
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