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    Default WMM setup warlock having low performance

    Hi I am currently running a paladin, warlock, mage, mage, priest setup and for the most part things are going well. The only thing that bugs me is how little damage output the warlock has in comparison to the mages.
    Currently my tactic is to run in with the paladin, use consecration and then 2x blizzard + rain of fire. My other tactic involves spamming AE but then I have no good ability to use on my lock.

    What tactic are people using to get the warlock to perform similar numbers to the mages?

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    No idea what level you are, obviously over 20, but at 30, warlocks get hellfire

    casting hellfire with a nochanneling modifier on the same key as arcane explosion (and blast wave) is very good aoe dps. I suggest going destruction, and getting the talent to reduce pushback while channeling hellfire

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    I am level 31 on all characters, forgot to mention that .
    Blast wave is interesting... Do you put all your points into the fire tree?

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    Arcane explosion is 73dps and Hellfire is 87dps, Blizzard is only 44dps and Hellfire is next to nothing. Get in melee range and spam Arcane Explosion and Hellfire, but wait a but before doing so because it is easier to pull aggro from tank in melee range vs at distance (110% vs 130%)

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