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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    How about some specific examples?
    chat forwarding

    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    Not following... break what?
    The addon is designed to have the master swap to the character being played.
    Stopping that from happening essentially breaks how it was designed to work seeing as there is an option specifically designed to do what the OP wants.

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    trade is actually one of the reason (for me) why I don't want to keep changing the master: if you do when you go to the window to start the trade, it changes the master and thus the direction of the trade and forces you to issue the trade from the actual person you want to be the holder of the stuff (though I suppose it could be a feature too)

    i guess maybe for the very rare 5x identical teams without a tank/lead it makes sense to change it

    otherwise I think I remember the goal was for FTL, which again is gone from Ema anyway
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