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    Question How many WoW clients can my computer run ?

    Hello, I'm planning to start multiboxing but I'm not sure about how many clients my computer can run so before investing for accounts I wanted to ask for help. My goal is to run 8 clients but not sure if that is possible, below is my computer specs

    CPU : i5 8600k @4.6ghz (can probably go up to 4.8)
    RAM : 16GB (2x8)
    SSD : SAMSUNG 850 EVO 240GB

    Edit : The quality of the graphics is not of my concern while playing as long as the game can run smooth. I only plan to farm gold on my free time from raiding ^^

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    If you want decent settings and fps, with 6 cores and 16gb ram, i would settle in for a nice 3 man setup. 2 cores each game.

    You can push it to 1 core per game and even beyond, if you have enough/more RAM, but the performance will suffer a bit, but feel free to try it, if you dont mind. With 16gb ram, i would do max 5 accounts (with many addons, netflix on sidemonitor, chrometabs open etc you can hit 16gb ram in use, so thats why ive used min 32gb ram on my 5man pcs).
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    Really depends on your settings, how you want to play and what you play, but you probably can't go beyond 8 clients for farming. Your cpu and ram will bottleneck.
    For farming you do not need more than 30fps on main and 12-15 on slaves.
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