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    Unhappy 5xBoxing: WMMMP low xp/h

    I have just begun my endaveour in to this extremely interesting world of multi boxing, i made this team based on:

    Tanking warrior
    3 x Mages
    Priest healer

    The plan was that i would tank bosses with the warrior, and other than that i would AoE the mobs down, i levelled them to 25 together following a quest route from zygor, and that was extremely tedious because of loot based quests, and now i want to start doing AoE in stockades, but i fail so misserably.

    I can take down 3 mobs "AoE", but that is horribly inefficient, and i net around 7000xp pr hour that way, about the same story if i try to single target mobs down one after another, then i also land on about 8k pr hour.

    My approach to aoe pulls are follow on the tank, that then picks up mobs - and gathers them up with demo shout, after which he starts spamming piercing howl, the mages Arcane explosion, and the priest holy nova. But the mages die, unless i stick to 3-4 targets, which is not desirable.

    How do you guys proceed with this?

    Currently i am considering speccing the mages in to full fire for max single target, or throw them away all together for a pure melee cleave, but i am worried about how the "feel" of having to go toe to toe with the targets will be.

    I with to hear what kind of approach you guys have been taking to this setup if possible.

    Initially the group had a warlock in it aswell,l that is level 24 now, that i could swap in without any issues, but i moved a mage in its place due to having no AoE while moving.

    Thanks for your input in advance.

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    I would look through these forums..there are plenty of us who have that team or similar..there are videos and lots of discussion on exactly what your looking for

    heres one for example
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    When the mobs are orange I single target, when they are yellow I AOE 3-5, and when they are green I do 6-12 when I was in stockades. Your level compared to mobs is incredibly important. I was doing like 25k/hr in stockades at the end of the range. And you’d use battle shout or demo shout (depending on mob count). Piercing howl is only for the slow and not threat. Get like 2-4 shouts out before using talent threat reduction AE.

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    You guys are simply amazing, now i am clearing two rooms at once... the only difference i made was spamming demo shout some times before, and then just arcane explotion + holy nova, the tank keeps aggro a good amount now, time to really up the gear on her!

    Thank you so much for your input!

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