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    Default Scarlet Monastery

    I would like an opinion on when to go into what instance and what to pull/grind there. Currently i am level 31 (ProtWar, Priest, 2 Mage, Warlock) and tried my hand at Graveyard yesterday. That were like 6k / hour. And i was to low for the Library. So how what did you guys do in SM and how did you level there?

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    Its best to keep your mobs green until you master your comp and develop a strategy. I started going to SM around 32 and my comp is Pal, Piest, 3x mages. You can do the last wing of Gnomergan, there's a rare that spawns that has nice loot, Thermaplugg has nice loot. Get your Acidic Walkers and Hydrocane for your casters from Irradiated Horror. RFK has some nice drops too.

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    If you're struggling in SM, at that level try out Razorfen Kraul. The loop around the first few bosses is lower than the rest of the dungeon and should be easily farmable.

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    4 Mage + 1 Priest here: 2 mages one level and 2 mages lower level. Priest is the same as the highest level mages.

    For GY: I went there at 30 on lowest, 32 highest: No issues.

    I couldn't pull the entire first room of guards along with the hallway, but I was getting it done. I stayed there until 35/33 I believe.

    Library: 35/33 until 39/37

    Farmed this until i got five daggers for the five offhands i got in GY

    Cath: 39/37 (very close to 40/38 so that happened within the first few pulls) and still there now, 43/41
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    Bit unrelated but how are you finding PMMMM? I was considering trying it but haven't been able to find any videos etc. Do you just pull mostly with priest then AE/Holy nova spam or try chain novas etc?
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    I drive from my best mage... then get a group of about 7 - 10 mobs, AoE Arcane Explosion, Blast Wave, and Holy Nova for the win.

    I often put a bubble on my pulling mage or highest dmg mage, dropping a renew on him before the pull or maybe multiple toons as Im running through mobs into the pull, then i spam the AoE.

    My set up is click through to heal, but I'm rarely using it based on above.

    I doubt what I do is worthy of a video (plus I've never made one), but it gets the job done. My group is steady, only rarely do I have a toon die, and I put zones on farm status pretty quickly. It is fun !

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    If you have a priest in your team.
    Here is a tip for SM

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    Quote Originally Posted by margulda View Post
    If you have a priest in your team.
    Here is a tip for SM
    this is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acidburning View Post
    this is great.
    Pretty darn awesome. Turns a 4 AoE DPS team into a 5 AoE DPS team with a tanky DPS.

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    Use the fire shield buff (5) on yourself before you start spamming arcane explosion. The same trick works with the battle mages in strath living (and a few other spots.)

    You can also give yourself huge buffs by MCing certain mobs like the spellbinders in BRS (81 fire resist.)
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