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    Default Windows shut down when entering Mechagon


    Saturday I started getting an odd error and it only happens on the Mechagon Island. When I land with 5 toons all my windows close. A few times I managed to land but the second I move it was close, close close..

    Tried setting graphics to 1 on all but same error.

    It puzzles me since it worked friday and there hasnt been any patching since.

    Everything else works like a charm. I can run them all on graphics set to 10 for main and 7 for all the little followers

    so just wandering if I am solo on this or some of you too have experienced this?

    have fun
    22 x 5-toon teams on Silvermoon EU

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    Wow 10 for main and 7 for followers? I run all alts on 1 and main on 7.

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