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    Default The Hivemind mount - advice appreciated

    I have put off getting this mount until I found the team I was 100% happy with.

    Now I have settled on Paladin tank, Disc Priest and x3 BM Hunters, it is now time for me to get that awesome mount!

    Any tips?

    Can I get all the stuff needed to start with just one character?
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    I did all of the monocles together with my entire team except red. I suppose you can also do that one together as well.
    They don't get used and stay in your inventory so if you ever want to change your team, you don't have to re-do all of that initial work, just the last phase which takes about an hour or less.

    of the 5 total, 4 of them need a different colored monocle to open a barrier that the 5th person walks through in suramar.
    The yellow one I believe which is the giant puzzle, if you complete it on one character - the rest of your team can open the chest as well and loot the object so it's very beneficial to just bring the whole team.

    I've had situations where I swap out just 1 character and I only need to re-do the last part.
    So in short, bring the whole team on everything along the way except maybe the red one.

    It's not too bad it just takes some time but incredibly well worth it.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    WoW.. did it over 2 days but I now have it It is safe to say I am never doing it again.

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    Congrats, it makes navigation so much easier since your no longer worrying about a follower getting stuck or phasing out.
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    It's nice seeing the brain icons so I can be sure they are all inside too. Now to finish the last 2 reps for pathfinder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    WoW.. did it over 2 days but I now have it It is safe to say I am never doing it again.
    I doubt it.

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