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    Default How viable are 5 Druids?

    I haven't played since multiboxing back in TBC and was considering trying it again in classic and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on how viable 5 Druids would be. I've seen that pulling with Moonfire/IS into barkskin and hurricane is a thing solo but not sure how well this could work with multiboxing. I'm guessing 1 feral tank, 1 resto healer, and 3 boomkins could also work even if it isn't as efficient as other comps.

    I'm pretty ignorant about classic so not sure how they would do farming dungeons or if stealth running bosses etc would be any good.

    Really tempted to try the 5 Boomkin meme squad again but not sure if I can justify the cost anymore. Any input or experience people have that could help or even dissuade me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately I can't speak directly to the viability of the comp, but I can say that as a returning player myself using ISBoxer and being able to play 5 characters at once has been well worth the investment. Especially since Classic is only $15 per account (no expansion costs, etc). Lots of fun and adds a whole different layer of engagement and entertainment for me. Especially getting to gank some people on my way dungeon grinding lol. Controlling a whole party is OP to say the least.

    I will say though that while I think Druids are generally regarded as the worst of the 5-man multiboxing dungeon healers, I think if you're patient it will be a comp capable of clearing the dungeon content (with 1x bear tank, 3x dps, 1x resto). Will it do as much damage as some melee cleave or spell cleave teams running Warriors/Mages/Locks, probably not... but if you're sold on Druids I think it will be a fun experience. Sometimes it's about the experience in my opinion, and I can imagine a boomkin/Druid squad being fun to play and capable, if not the most capable.

    I'll let more experienced people chime in on what might be better for you to run, but I highly encourage you to get in the game. Costs are well worth it in my opinion and even for someone with zero experience I've been able to get up and running with ISBoxer in no time. As someone who's done it previously I'm sure you'll be right back at it in no time.

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    Druid team guys I have spoken to run as 1x bear 3x cat 1x resto and cast Innerviate on the healer and have almost no downtime but they do not do any crazy aoe pulls since their only resurrection spell is on 30min cooldown, if you like druids definitely go for it.


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    I plan on making 5 druids after I've farmed all of my preraid BiS on my primary teams. Not an optimal comp but viable for what I want to do with it. I wouldn't expect to be able to raid with 5 druids though. Most raids bring a couple of druids at most.

    I'd go HoTW/NS rather than full balance. It's much more flexible and I like the idea of being able to move between any character to heal, tank or DPS. Should be a lot of fun in wPvP.

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