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    Default New Multibox LF feedback (4Lock/1Priest SMGY)

    Hey all. I'm relatively new to multiboxxing, this is my 2nd comp. The first being 5 shamans (which I figured would be easiest) which are sat around level 45, this is my 2nd comp. I'm just looking for some feedback on how I can improve as a multiboxxer. Macros or binds I might be missing, things I'm doing wrong that I might not know about etc.

    Sorry there's no sound, I was using a different audio output for whatever reason.

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    Damn, you are making me want to re-roll horde undead, and make a PLLLL team! That shit looks fun and efficient with the life tap -> cannibalize heal.

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    daim son that looks awesome so lookin forward to my wwwwp team

    btw when pulling up the monsters

    how do you split up the aggro so well between the voidwalkers

    i imagen if the same voidwalker got hit by all those elites it would get destroyed

    care to share spec,build for the chars
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    how do you split up the aggro so well between the voidwalkers
    I'm also curious about this. Do you keep all of the voidwalkers' Torment and Suffering abilities on auto-cast? It appears you have Torment on auto-cast, but it's tiny and hard to see. Are you using Suffering as a round-robin action?
    Additionally, have you experimented with Eye of Killrog pulling with this team composition? I'd be interested in seeing if that's viable, or when it's viable.

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    Wish I had some advice but you're way ahead of me, just had to ask what add-on is that showing all your teams debuffs?

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    Okay so for the voidwalker aggro, it's a problem I currently suffer with. I'm running deep afflic on them all for now, until I can get Soul Link at 40 and hopefully the aggro will be a bit better. I have torment on auto-cast. I used to use Suffering on round robin but found it too hectic to continue casting on locks, healing on priest and using that so it's flatline now and I cast across all as soon as they're rounded up. I have /petattack on mousewheel up so I usually just spam that on certain mobs, I guess I'm fortunate the aggro gets divided up.

    I did try an eye of kilrogg pull many times, what I struggled with pulling too many elites was a lock would take aggro and just get insta-deleted (even if I used sac) and then I'd struggle to have the dmg to finish the pull off. I might try again at 40 with SL but at the moment I've tried several times and been unable to get around this.

    For the debuffs it's a weakaura I got from a streamer called Tribe_tv1, just go to his channel and type !wa or !weakauras or something like that and you'll get it.

    I still feel like there's stuff I could be doing better though.

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    If you download ElvUI it displays the duration of DoT's on the health bar of each mob. Makes managing DoT's a lot simpler.

    Also, I've just started my warlock team and found that using two separate petattack macros helps a lot. The first one I add to my regular spam DPS keys which checks if the pet already has a target and, if so, attacks that target. The second use to select and mark new targets.

    /petattack [@pettarget,noexists,nodead]
    /run SetRaidTarget("target",8)
    The second macro I use in combination with a 4 step ISBoxer keymap so that each warlock uses its own raid mark. Skull is always warlock B's target, cross is always warlock C's target, etc. So I know what each pet is tanking and I don't accidentally reassign a pet that's tanking a boss or an important mob.

    Pretty sure this much pet management only really matters at low level when your voidwalker is actually doing the tanking. Once I get soul link I'll just spam DPS and tank with the warlocks anyway.
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    Now this is the stuff I was looking for. Personally I don't like ElvUI, have tried it in the past playing solo but I prefer the more default look.

    So for your second macro there are you saying you use that on a round robin system within an action target group of your 4 warlocks?
    I really like this addition. Will be trying it today.

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    Similar to round robin but using one keymap with 4 steps. Each step sends FTL assist, petattack and a raid mark to one of my warlocks.

    Even if your pets aren't tanking it's useful to be able to individually send a voidwalker to pull 4 different packs and then /petfollow to pull them all back to your hellfire stack.

    I also created two action target groups for petfollow and petattack. Then I set the pet follow/attack macros to send to those groups. When I spam my DPS keymaps my pets will automatically either assist or follow me depending on which target action group they're in at the time. This way I only have to assign pet targets and not worry about pets not attacking or running off to agro stuff I don't want to.

    You can use your hotkeys for more than one function, too. For example, my "join petfollow group" keymap also casts devour magic on my friendly mouseover target and my "join petattack" keymap casts devour magic or seduction on my target. Kind of made sense to me to put the offensive stuff on the pet attack bind and the defensive stuff on petfollow. Assigning multiple actions to the same keypress depending which pet is active saves a lot of keybinds.
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    Just wanna say thank you so much, doing this now and AOE farming is now far far easier.

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