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    Revised the petattack macro a little.

    /petattack [@pettarget,noexists][@pettarget,dead]
    This way if one of your pet targets dies the pet that was tanking that mob will switch to the target you're currently attacking if you don't assign it a new target.

    I also added a macro to clear all raid markers to my /petfollow toggle so I can reset everything mid combat and assign new targets if I need to.

    /run for i=1,9 do SetRaidTarget("player",i) end
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    Has anyone considered or tried to pick a paladin instead of a priest?

    Paladin has some nice features:

    - Concentration aura(100% hellfire pushback protection)
    - Retri aura for the voids ( switch to concentration aura when starting hellfire spam)
    - Might/Kings buff for the voids
    - Salvation buff for all locks and the pala
    - Very mana efficient healer

    The question is whether a holy pala can heal this team due to the lack of aoe healing?!
    But I'm afraid that aoe healing is mandatory for a 4 lock team because hellfire cause aoe dmg.

    BTW: I don't want to sacrifice one lock (dps) for a paladin / priest/ 3 lock team.

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    I will be making warlock team on alliance and I have been debating between a priest and a paladin.

    Since you will be using blessing of salvation on your locks, your heals will not be nearly as efficient as priest prayer or shaman chain heal, but your voidwalkers will hold threat a lot better and you will be able to instantly open with CoA-Corruption-Immolate and not pull aggro. Casting those 3 spells with 4 warlocks will kill nearly every non boss elite mob, with exception being big guys such as giants and dragonkins/ogres in UBRS/LBRS/DM.

    (Level 58-60 elites have 7-8k hp and big guys 13-15k, your 3 dots in crap gear deal 2.5k dmg per warlock)

    So you may want to limit your pulls to 3-4 mob groups, cast dots on every mob, lifetap and finish off mobs with life drain, that way you will have the least amount of downtime. The limiting factor in constant pulling will be voidwalker mana, since they run out of mana pretty fast, so after you finish 2 packs and they are low on health and mana you will lifetap and resummon them, and your paladin will actually have to do minimal amout of healing.

    Casting buffs and too many heals on void seems to be a waste of mana, since it costs a level 60 demo warlock 6 seconds and 800 mana for a 4k hp 1.9k mp voidwalker

    With a paladin you will want to use hellfire only when you have a lot of small mobs, otherwise keep retribution/devotion aura on and dot drain those mobs.

    Also since you are lacking the insane damage of hellfire make sure to use Curse of Recklesness on runner mobs near death

    After you send in your pets and dot every mob you can have each warlock target your pets target for wanding/drain life with this macro and have every mob die at the same time. This will make it easier to apply curse of recklesness on all runner mobs and prevent chain pulls

    /target pet
    /assist target

    I think I might have actually found a way to make paladin healer work and be viable alternative to a priest
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    Another theory I will have to test out is that with Improved Blessing of Wisdom Voidwalkers can actually pull 4-5 packs without running oom, so using health funnel to keep their health up instead of resummoning them might be a viable strategy

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    I much prefer paladins to priests but they're just not viable as a solo healer with this group. You can't do enough healing when 9 targets are all taking damage at the same time. In BiS gear a paladin could keep up spamming downranked flash but while leveling you'd be OOM constantly.

    On the plus side, there's great synergy between spirit of redemption and soulstone.

    Also, I don't even DoT trash mobs. I just use pets to pull then hellfire. It takes you 7.5 seconds to cast DoT's on 5 targets. If you channel hellfire for 7 seconds everything is dead already.
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    Apatheist from what you mentioned

    you have setup a way for the diffrent slaves to attack diffrently market targets(raid marks skull star etc)

    is there any video showcasing how to do such a setup

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    I don't think this is possible, targeting raid markers. I believe it was possible, but was removed in a patch prior to the version classic runs on.

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    Someone posted a macro where your pets attacks a target and puts a raid marker on it, you would need to keep a pet on that target and use /assist to target it with other characters.

    It is funny how we could target raid markers before, in practice you had 6 focus targets instead of 1 later in game

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    Thx for the information.

    I'll take a standard 4 WL 1 Priest setup
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    Apatheist - Am requesting a screenshot. Have tried a few time and failed miserably. Would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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