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    Default From what class do you drive and why?

    Out of curiosity Im wondering what team comp you guys are running and from what class you prefer to drive and why?

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    I drive with the shaman as he is the healer and utility for the 4 warriors. I'm much less worried about positioning on them as they can take hits. If they die, I just rez 'em after; if my shaman dies or gets kicked/silenced, it gets a lot more painful. I have easy-access buttons that switch between shaman and designated tank characters if I need to position things more precisely. Until you get to fights where there are one-shot mechanics (Doan in SM Library comes close if you're low-30s), positioning really isn't all that critical IMO.
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    With my Warrior 3 mage and priest I drive with my warrior I feel I need to try to keep the aggro more while my dps burn down the mobs..

    On my 4 Locks and priest i drive with the priest, So much easy that way

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    Running tank/3dps/healer 5man comps, in dungeons I'm pretty much always driving from tank so that I can position the mobs better, face them away from group and stuff like that. I just use healbot repeater region to heal the group.

    Was running pala,lock, 2mage, priest til mid 50s but recently had to switch to horde for friends so I'm now running warr, 3 mages, priest.

    Outside of dungeons the warrior almost always does nothing, when mobs die before they reach melee range it doesn't really matter who drives.

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    Trinity comp from the warrior because it requires the most buttons. Healing is all clique from priest, and mages basically spam AE or fireball so they only need 2 keys. Warrior is trying to grab strays, stay alive, aoe threat, and taunt/aoe taunt when needed.

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    I drive from lead warrior in a 3 Warrior+2 Paladin group in part for similar reasons to the above but also because it seems funner and more like I am engaged in the action rather than watching/directing it.

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    Generally enjoy same spec teams the most, and with that, driving can be done on any character.

    Anytime i mix classes i almost always drive from the healer.

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