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    Default Borderless windows.

    Greetings. I already have the answer to my question, but the info is from 2012 and i'd rather not revive that thread. Does anybody have a good link for this ?

    Thanks in advance, the link above seems dead(it loops back to homepage. I know isboxer can do this perfectly, but i'v gotten comfortable with only hotnetkey since it was what I spent hours setting up, and getting really good at it with only 1 kb and shortcuts out the wazzoo. Even payed for isboxer but was missing all my hotkeys, anyways, I'm having shit tons of fun with 4 and considering a last one, but not sure class, so while gaming i cant ignore the big fat white shiny ribbon on top of every window, I'm sensitivet to bright light and use darkmode everything. Please help.

    Thanks in advance

    edit, I did manage to do it through hotkeynet on my main screen, but could not get to do it on multiple instances.
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    Guess no one has that program. DOes anybody have a hotkeynet Code i can use to make the borders on my for windows go away ? please im desperate. Or any other way to do it. I was setting up Isboxer and man its good, but although I could rename the windows so that Hotkeynet could work, it just didnt work. It worked on 2 of 4 screens etc, and HKN just works so awesomelly. SO please, anyone ?

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    I know very little about HKN, but here is what I Googled...

    HotKeyNet remove border

    ..and here is the very first result:

    Is that what you're looking for?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ygs View Post
    I was setting up Isboxer and man its good, but although I could rename the windows so that Hotkeynet could work, it just didnt work. It worked on 2 of 4 screens etc, and HKN just works so awesomelly. SO please, anyone ?
    You're trying to get HKN to work with ISBoxer?
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    Hi mate, thanks for your reply. But as I explained in the post. I know that little code you linked, the problem is that only works on the main window. I can't figure out how to send the RemoveWinframe to several of the windows, seems its a problem and why the person i Linked to had to write a program for it. Im looking for that code on how to send that command to all my 4 WOW windows, not just the main one. COde works like a champ to remove it, but again. Just the main window.

    Yes I did try to set up ISboxer. But I have so many shortcuts that i depend on in HKN, so when trying to get Isboxer and HKN to talk it just didnt work. It worked on windows 1 and 3 maybe, then changed etc. And since I spendt so much time setting up all those shortkcuts on HKN, I just need the code or program that can tell all my 4 WOW instances to remove the frame. Hope you can understand that. English is my third language.

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    Can you post your script so perhaps we can spot why the border removal would only be working for one window? In theory there is nothing different about the other windows so it seems peculiar that it would not work for all of them.

    And I'd advice against trying to combine isboxer and HKN. Just use one or the other.

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    You can do this with autohotkey.
    Link to my previous message about this.

    Just repeat the same for all windows. e.g.
    Example to remove border on first 2 widows:

    WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, ahk_id %WowWinId1%  ;1st window
    WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, ahk_id %WowWinId2%  ;2nd window
    The downside is that you would need to know a bit about AHK to make this work.
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    When you launch World of Warcraft, there's a hidden 'window' that appears with the same name, e.g there is two 'World of Warcraft' applications open. It's important that you manage to rename that extra window to something else so there's no interfering with HotKeyNet and the WoW clients

    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn Alt Numpad1>
        <SendPC local>
        <Run "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Wow.exe">
            <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" HiddenDialogBox1>
            <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW1>
    The invisible window will be renamed to 'HiddenDialogBox1', while the World of Warcraft window will be renamed to 'WoW1'.

    Regarding borderless windowed, by default, choosing Windowed in the World of Warcraft graphics menu, it will give you a border - BUT, if you choose Windowed (fullscreen) it will fortunately remove that border, but unfortunately make the game fullscreen. This is where you resize your window with HotKeyNet to whatever size you want, and it will work. No borders, and you can resize the game to wherever you want, and however small or big you want the screen.

    It can be done with

    <TargetWin WoW1>
             <SetWinSize 1920 1080>
             <SetWinPos 2910 0>
    Hope that helps

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    Been leveling my group so forgot about this, but thanks alot for tthe replies. I will try these suggestions.

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