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    Default EMA 2.2 update problem

    Hey guys, I posted this in the wrong section originally.

    I recently updated to EMA 2.2 and am getting 4 buttons over my action bar that say: [Abandon All Quests] [Share All] [Track All] [Untrack All].

    I searched the /ema config settings high and low and cannot find how to disable or move these boxes that are right over my action bar on my 21:9 monitor.


    Thank you for your time and big thanks to Ebony for the amazing addon!
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    Just FYI, i am also using Leatrix Plus, and Leatrix maps . I have temporarily disabled these two addons and the problem persists. When i disable EMA, the probelm goes away. I did see in the /ema config that these boxes can be moved under the world map quest list, but that option does not work for me. Disabling all other addons does not fix my issue

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    Based on your screenshot and the version you're using would indicate you are trying to use the Retail version on Classic, which is why you're having issues.
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