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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Here's an idea. Super fast XP and these mobs respawn constantly. Though you're not gaining any gold/drops.

    Heads up that there is a note in the youtube comments for one of the videos that this has been hotfixed but that could just be someone trolling.

    If it is still out there do you think that is something a melee cleave team could also leverage (maybe to a lesser extent but still beneficial)?

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    With melee you'd have to enter the room and just do laps around chain pulling and LoSing with your healers. Should be doable but much slower xp/h.

    I'm not sure it's really worthwhile either way. If I'm going to grind I want gold as well as XP. There are many chances in BRD to get item drops like warden staff or freezing band that will sell for a bunch of gold. It's an interesting idea maybe for boosting alts though.

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    I've been doing emp runs on my crew yesterday and today. ZERO exp for torch mobs. Kinda lame was hoping to farm it too

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