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    Default GSE = must-have?

    Hey, just started my 5 team and slowly reaching deadmines lvl. Until now I was too lazy to setup hotkey-maps nicely. I went for the straight forward approach for now where I simply forward the key I press ingame and I put all my spells to those keys.

    Now Im reaching a lvl where I have quite some spells to chose from and since IM having a mixed lineup (Warri-Mage-Mage-Lock-Priest), I was thinking if GSE is a must? Obviously GSE is powerful that it lets you pass over to the next spell even if the spell before is on CD.
    But if Im not mistaken, I could do the same thing with the isboxer macro's right? It also would jump to the next step on button press. Therefore I was wondering if GSE has more advantages over isboxer macros?

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    If you want easy and acceptable DPS, stick with GSE. If you want to gosuper saiyan, than read on.

    ooooh boy, i hope you're up for some learning. There was a method created and streamlined by a some legends around here. It is far too much info to post so i'll link them.


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    aha from your links im assuming your answer is rather "isboxer can do as well what GSE can and better"

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    I prefer ISBoxer keymaps. There are all sorts of ways to create delays, timers and "false cooldowns" for abilities.

    Classic rotations are generally so simple that ISBoxer should be more than capable of managing. There are a couple of exceptions like hunters having to manage the shoot timer or warriors requiring some level of decision making on when to dump rage but no macro/addon can do that for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punix View Post
    aha from your links im assuming your answer is rather "isboxer can do as well what GSE can and better"
    shame you fail to see the possibilities. gl hf

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