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    Hi. I am new to this forum and multiboxing.

    Since classic Launch I've been leveling 5 Horde toons: Warrior-Prot, Mage-Frost, Lock-Destro, Priest-holy, Rogue-Combat. I have been struggling with leveling, so far I am level 42-43.

    I've been having problems in the instances whenever there's a big pool of mobs and I lose aggro, I am not fast enough to change to my Mage to frost nova and AOE down alongside my Lock. Most quest are recollecting quests and take hours to complete for my 5 characters.

    I have been questing and completing most dungeons. I am able to clear Scarlet monastery, Uldaman I only killed the mage-quest-boss, RFD I can clear everything dying with the skeleton boss army, I can't finish the escort event, and now I am struggling with Maraudon because all the demon rogues sap me and go after my casters.

    Any advice you can give me? How can I level faster? How can I pull the rogue satyrs in Maraudon?

    Thank you and beg your pardon for my English.
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    That's the same class mix I have. You are higher level than me, so I don't have specific advice for Maraudon or other dungeons.

    But generally, I've levelled 2 groups in retail, my advice is to be really really open minded about changing your key maps and macros to help you handle new situations. I don't know how complex your bindings are already, but if you think frost nova will be a good strategy, move it to an easy keybind and just practice using it. Consider driving from the mage or the healer, instead of the tank. Consider making a 'panic' button (e.g. everyone does /follow on priest, eats a healthstone and priest casts prayer). Consider using ISBoxer menu/clickbar on screen for key maps that you always forget the binding of.

    Also, remember that controlling 5 characters at once is never going to be as effective as 5 people controlling 5 characters, so there will be situations were you have to overcome a difficult challenge. And that is actually the joy in the multiboxing meta-game.

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    Hi. Thanks for your words. I've been thinking on them all day, I might need the panic button and driving from the healer might help. I'll try it out latter

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    I would avoid maraudon, and do ZF instead.

    You should be comfortable driving as either the tank, or healer, I would avoid driving as DPS since it isn't really important, whereas playing as the tank for positioning, or the healer for the big picture/concentrate on not letting people die perspective is better.

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