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    Default 8.2.5 Party Sync

    So kind of a nice feature came out today. I think this will help many boxers out there who want to add to their team but don't want to remake the entire piece.

    Essentially you can sync up a higher level to the lowest level in your group and do the same quests/dungeons. Even if you've done the quest before.
    I'm interested to see how this works for dungeon grinding.

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    Definitely would help me. I single boxed my main through BFA content, so now that my other guys are 120, they missed some quests, so my main is out of phase with them. This would at the very least let me stay grouped and together, plus the extra gold/quest rewards are a nice bonus.

    Though, I'm pretty much 100% on classic for the moment, not sure if I will go back to BFA any time soon.

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    That's a good point, it fixes the phasing too, so it doesn't matter which step of the war campaign I'm on they are all together. Huge quality of life improvement just there.

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    but it scales your main down, so there's really no point in us using it imo. I'd rather have a fresh new character leveling in that spot.

    edit- oh i missed the point that you could take your team and sync up phases in quest chains some of them missed. that's actually really cool. I always had this trouble in Icecrown.
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    I made a Tauren team.. got my Blood DK out the start zone and then made x3 Ele Shaman and a Disc Priest. Outdoor sync was broken, so levelled them till the newer ones hit 15. Then just hit random classic (even though the sync wouldn't work it worked in dungeons anyhow) and have had no issues.

    It feels way faster/easier to me, the Dk is pretty nice for the classic dungeons.

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    I havent tried it yet, but im guessing you could use this to boost massive amounts of rep on your team, by running 4 main with a fresh made character in the starting zones. Starting zones used to give lots of rep and even though it is reduced when you were high level it was worth to go back and do each zone for the rep. Helped a lot for mounts back then.

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