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    Default BFA Tanks and Healer

    Hey folks,

    I've been tri-boxing for a while running Islands for XP but I'm thinking of resubbing my other 2 accounts and trying 5 for the upcoming 'Timewalking' week.

    What would you guys recommend for the tank and healer slot (still have 2 BFA boosts, so they'll be fresh 110 or maybe 111 by then with all heirlooms minus rings)?

    I've tried most in the past but not done much during BFA...


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    Unless you're super familiar/comfortable with another class, I doubt you can go wrong with a Paladin as a tank—they just have so much utility. As for a healer... I've seen people pushing high-end keys using a Monk since they seem to be somewhat capable of staying mobile while healing, but I'm sure someone else could answer this question a bit better than I currently can.
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    I'm in the same boat as undecided on which is the best. I'm currently in the process of leveling up a monk and have a warrior not far behind which would give me every tank at 120. I'm hoping then I can make a fair assessment. Like Mirai said though Paladins have always been a good choice for boxing, they give you utility + a strong tank.
    For healing Shaman is really nice because you can spam chain heal and not have to stress too much on who gets it. Monk is good because we lose some value with how soothing mist works and it breaks follow. Monk for melee healing was awesome when I temporarily tried it, but concerned it won't work well on some boss mechanics.
    Druid is a really strong healer and some boxers have been able to do well with it but I haven't found it myself.
    In the grand scheme of things any of the options will work, It also depends on your preference for how you like your tanking/healing. Re-active or preventative. High dodge squishy tank or takes a lot of hits but low damage.

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    Thanks guys. To be honest it will be mainly for levelling/boosting alts, so massively overgearing normals is probably all they will be used for lol.

    I like the idea of an all druid team so may go for that with the boosts and then slowly level other toons.

    I have one of each class on my other 3 accounts so I suppose I can always try with those once they're levelled up too

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    Timewalking isn't as bad as retail dungeons but you may as well build around the same idea of having every tool you need in your toolkit. All the important ones anyway.

    Dispels for all curse / poison / disease / magic
    High mobility specs
    Interrupts on at least 3/5
    Good wall / recovery abilities
    Battle rez

    Those are the most important off the top of my head. The e-sport direction dungeons are going is brutal and you need a well rounded team and some excellent mappings to make it enjoyable. Definitely don't do what I did making a meme comp of your favorite specs only to find out you're missing important debuffs, mobility, etc.

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    Additionally the method is frustrating too because it's all about how you can clump a large chunk of mobs, snare them so your tank doesn't take any damage and then aoe burn them down.
    This really isn't a feasible multiboxing option so it limits where we can go.
    I suppose I can't say it's not possible though, somewhere out there may be able to pull it off but my multiboxing goal has been to just do +10's, and then complete each dungeon as a +10 for this expansion. (still a long way off)

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    I am really enjoying my Pally tank, X3 BM Hunters with a Disc Priest.. now I am using clique it's not too bad because of all the attonemet healing, and the extra dps is sweet. I am running Lightforged, the racial takes a nice chunk off anything.

    I am only 114 atm, but will see how it goes

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