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    Default Best all caster comp

    Like the title says, which caster comp below would be the most well-rounded taking into account dungeon leveling as well as max level dungeon grinding/gold farming and wPvP?

    1 priest/3 locks/1 mage
    1 priest/3 mages/1 lock

    The single lock/mage is added to the respective comps for the convenience of summons, wipe recovery, portals and what not.

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    I think warlocks are better for PVP than mages (instant cast dots, fear and death coil is great and warlocks are a lot more tanky. Mages kinda need to hardcast spells and face target unless they just spam arcane explosion but that isn't great if you can only hit 1 target...).
    Multiple warlock pets are also great for pvp so you can have imp (hp) and felhunter (silence, dispel magic, stealth detection) or possibly succubus for CC.

    I think mages are better for PVE than warlocks (about same aoe damage without having to use their hp, threat reduction etc).

    I am running druid/priest/mage/2 warlock.

    I hate my mage, it makes water/food and can make portals, that is all it is good for... I think I will make a secondary team and replace the mage with a warlock, so I can summon mage when I need its services but use a warlock instead since my mage currently doesn't contribute in pvp fights.

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    Mages likely have somewhat higher DPS at least until the later phases but ultimately I think Warlocks make more sense for most boxers. Mages need to be very mobile to be most effective and that can problematic for most boxers.

    Of those 2 comps I would go:

    1 priest/3 locks/1 mage

    Though maybe 4 locks would be better if you have a mage alt at cap for free stuff/services instead.

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    A mixed caster team doesn't offer any synergy, while taking away the advantages the other class has (for mages that is insane mobility through many instant casts, frost slows and freezes and AE, for warlocks that is dots, pets and fear). At 60 4 Affliction warlocks will be the best by a mile for pvp due to the insane amount of instant cast dots. There is 0 facing problems and you can just rotate fears so there is no point for people to try to interrupt them. Once you hit 60 any benefits of having a mixed setup will disappear, while the disadvantages will hurt your team every day.

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    Vipeax - thematically 4x warlocks "speaks" to me. 4x warlock priest or 4x warlock paladin - appreciate your throughts of those 2 comps: for pvp & pve. thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tchallaaoc View Post
    Vipeax - thematically 4x warlocks "speaks" to me. 4x warlock priest or 4x warlock paladin - appreciate your throughts of those 2 comps: for pvp & pve. thanks.
    I would read this thread:

    It already has some interesting commentary already regarding the following compositions:
    -4 Warlocks+Priest;
    -4 Warlocks+ Paladin;
    -3 Warlocks + Priest + Paladin;

    The Shadow synergy & AoE heals of Priest are compelling but a Paladin's Concentration Aura making Warlocks pushback immune is an interesting scenario as it may be that 1 less Warlock channeling with no push back may offset the loss of DPS of 1 extra Warlock when many/all are getting pushbacks... To me that seems more of a PVE thing as I mainly dotted/cursed/feared when doing PVP with my Warlocks in the past (things tended to just face-melt).

    My 2nd group is 4Warlocks + Priest as I think that is likely the best overall for many reasons (especially since they are more for WPVP than PVE for me) but I am somewhat hedging my bets as my current group is 3 Warriors+2Paladins and I could end up with the following options at least:

    4 Warlocks+Priest;
    4 Warlocks+Paladin;
    3 Warlocks+Paladin+Priest;

    I like the idea of having the Warlocks+Priest+Paladin option available as sometimes having 2 Healers in PVP is key and for PVE it opens up the standard PVE Trinity config of:


    On a related note I 10boxed through WoTLK and already have 6 accounts active for Classic... I have lately been thinking of just RAFing my other 4 and be able to 10box once the 2nd team is at cap...
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