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    started 4x mage 1x disc. not too super fond of 4x lock 1x disc in pvp, we'll see in time how it faires with gear but i think that 4x mage 1x disc is best setup, we'll see my locks are 60 so they can rest until dm

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    I was Alliance in Vanilla, so I decided to try Classic as Horde (the preferred faction)
    My first group is War/Priest/2xMage/1xLock -- it's going fairly well, but I really miss grinding with a paladin. Threat is the worst part, and salvation + paladin aoe threat is noticeably absent.

    I made the first group to be my "farm" group to then be able to plvl / grind gold for other groups.
    Was planning on doing
    Alt1: Bear Tank \ 3x War \ 1x Sham
    Alt2: 5x Shaman -- eventual main group for pvp

    Basically just play the above 2 groups through rested / plvl with the 60 War (still grinding main group, just started last week)

    Validates how much I miss doing Paladin 4x Sham or Paladin 4x Hunter 1x Sham

    I'm playing on Faerlina, and the queue times are rough some nights. Half tempted to re-roll alliance and go Pal/Priest/3x Mage
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