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    Default Managing Multi-Mob (Hunter / Druid)

    Hello. This is coming from an AOE mage; and the only problems I'm having are with multi-mob areas, which is also why I want to multi-box. I'm running a Hunter / Druid (2 pack)(Druid is Boomkin - because of the Hunter dead spot, I was not able to run say Bear Form or Warrior and Hunter) so I'm using the hunter's pet (Boar) as the 'tank' and hunter/druid at range. Overall this is working very well and I'm having a lot of fun with the comp! (2 Boxing comp, 1 hunter, 1 druid)

    The challenge is that any multi-mob (4+), puts the hurt on the tank and when I heal, it draws aggro from EVERY mob, except tank target (then all hell breaks loose). I've tried using pre-heals on tank, roots / concussive shot / rotating pet damage to the different mobs, to not much luck. Curious if anyone has a strategy for this? (I was thinking about trying a pet with Screech when I can get that, currently level 22).

    [Updates] Thanks for the replies. I have maxed pet health (endurance training) and Armor (thick hide). What's also cool about MB is that you can run talents that are not 'optimal' for solo leveling. I'm looking forward to . I need to get over to Westfall to learn screech and then later dive. BTW.. I love charge on the boar.... not sure why he doesn't get more love; I like him better than the cats.

    I've just ran the raptors (screechers) in the wetlands , (4+) raptor mobs where one guy calls his buddies. I had a little more luck here, with some planning. Mobs 1-2 levels lower is best
    1. All buff up, thorns etc.
    2. Frost Trap (but I think Dots are breaking these early, so no dots)
    2. Hibernate one of the mobs (so only works with beasts)
    3. root the other
    4. pre-heal, attack, max damage, kill 1-2 quick or just re hibernate (hibernate is cool because you can cast it facing any direction)
    5. Profit

    The DPS difference between the Druid and hunter is rather large; hunter wins by a long shot atm.

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    instead of rotating damage to regain aggro, set a round robin for growl. Make sure it is not set to auto fire and is ready anytime you need that snap aggro. If you can, put thorns on your pets.

    Drop ice traps at your feet to catch the ones that get to your hunters.
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    Use bats or carrion birds as your tank. They have demo shout. It will generate AOE threat.

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    Round robin your send pet/attack macro... send 1 pet at each mob, spread your hunters out more than 5 yards apart for each pull, drop a freezing trap before the pull. Feign death is your best friend, also use Cats... their DPS is highest, and their attack speed makes up for any missed swing. Aim to get the lowest attack speed you can on them. Broken tooth in the badlands has an attack speed of 1.0 he’s your target.

    for when it goes wrong, and it will go wrong, spacing your hunters out more than 5 yards means there is always 2 able to shoot even if a mob is in the dead zone of the other two hunters...

    beast master for 3hunters, MM for one... improved wingclip is a 100% must. If feign death is on Cooldown and there isn’t enough room to spreed, run straight through the mobs spamming follow and wongclip. Since each hunter will probably get two wingclips off one of the eight WILL proc and then run towards your pets and hit IWT while resending all your pets to the free mob.

    Dont bother with Conc shot or any of the stings (unless your mama draining a healer) just multi shot/aimed shot... don’t use arcane in dungeons it scales with spell power, not attack power.

    source mained a hunter in vannila and first team I boxed back at the end of vannila start up to wraith, when 4shamans and a pala became the meta.
    also note once you have any bit of teir1 at all you will end up dropping your healer totally and running 5 hunters, when more than 2pets die, feign death and reset. The mobs you killed from a group won’t respawn, you can keep the healer if you like but you’re going to end up corpse running a lot on them. Also don’t mess around too much with mend pet, unless you have a Stephen hawking level brain, more keybinds than I care to think about and the reflex’s of a formula one driver, what will end up happening is all your hunters end up channeling mend pet when they don’t need too, you loose the dps race and you get over whelmed and wipe... hunters are pure burst shock and awe at lvl 60 dungeons.
    its going to be line up, burst 2 or 3 mobs, freeze trap the runners that come at you, dismiss your pets and feign death.
    I used to do the a good few pulls in scholo in two stages, dismiss pets, drop freezing traps. Pull with hunters, burst down the ranged mobs ignoring the melee ones, then feign death and reset. Take out my cats and do the melee mobs.
    if you use a Druid this works because you can just put it in cat form in stealth prowl somewhere it won’t get into combat. It’s not fast but it works, (this also presumes you have jumper cables on each hunter for and feign resists. All in all you can do most level 60 instances with only 1 or two deaths with this method.
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    It reads like you've only got one hunter and one druid - if that's correct, really the main thing to do is to get a Greater Fleshripper or something with Screech as your hunter's pet. As was said, that is an AOE threat generator. With the talents in BM for armor and health, and training the pet in the skills for armor and health, you should be able to send your pet in to start and then burn each target down individually, healing your pet and not drawing aggro.

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    Make sure you put your first 8 talent points into BM for 15% pet health and 30% armor. Invest into the highest rank of natural armor you have access to.

    You'd probably also be better off with a resto spec on your druid. Keep thorns on your pet, do damage with the hunter and reserve mana for healing. Balance DPS is pretty poor anyway.
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