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    Default Getting back in biz!

    Have to summon the tech masters again though Some years ago I asked here for help and got some nice advice but unfortunately life happened and ended up not upgrading anything.

    Last year I started to 5box WoW and love it but then Blizz made some changes and my 16Gb ram became a problem, decided to not invest in DDR3 and let my trustee 2600k go to sleep.

    Now I'm returning and after 2 days of web reviews I came up with quite a headache and this build:

    Ryzen 7 3700x 361€
    MSI B450 Tomahawk Max 115€
    Ripjaws V 2x16Gb 3200Mhz CL16 171€
    SSD WD Blue 500Gb 59€ (yay finally a SSD)

    GTX970 that I already have

    I have no doubt this machine can perfectly run a 5box, what I'm guessing is how future-proof it is in general? I understand the 3900x would be a much better bet but it's 190€ more and possibly a 570 board too as I read somewhere he doesnt really like the 400 series.

    I'm willing to save up a few months to get if it's really a nice upgrade so I'd like to have some opinions about it

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    Ideal 5man for a new build:

    AMD 3900x or Intel Core i9-9920X.
    Basically any good 12 core/24 thread.

    2 cores and 2 threads per game.
    Then leave the leftover unassigned, for win10.

    32 gb RAM, 3200 speed or better.

    3 x 12 cm AiO cpu cooler.

    intel 660 1tb m.2 ssd.

    800w'ish 80+ gold powersupply., or better.

    Nvidia 2070 super 8gb vram gpu. *or better

    or similar

    It will be a pleasant experience.

    Your situation:

    Sell the 970, buy a nvidia 2070 super.
    Should play decent enough for years to come aswell.
    (as in, 1080p, 60 fps on main, 20 fps on slaves. All settings on low on slaves, semi good on main). Slot swap macro. And directx11 legacy mode (triple check its actually enabled and saved on every game).
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    Thanks man. Cant invest in a gpu right now, but wouldnt the 5700xt be a better buy than the 2070 super?

    I'll pull the trigger on the 3700x this next week and keep a eye out for a used 3900x when they start showing up. 2 cores/game just sounds very good.

    Those 20 fps on slaves and semi good settings on main are well above what I'm used to, I'm sure it'll be great.

    Now start saving for gpu, who needs 2 meals everyday right?

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    The 5700xt can be found at maybe 100 bucks cheaper, so sure get it if you can.

    (If you care about raytracing for other new games, slightly higher performance and gsync = get the rtx 2070 super, or better).
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