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    Default New to Multiboxing

    Hi All,

    I have recently got into Multiboxing and was wondering what the best way to level 5 characters is?

    Am I best to get straight into Dungeons as soon as possible? Or should i go the questing route? What gives the best xp /ph?

    This is for Live (Not classic)

    Any hint / tips or links to previous discussions would be great! Or any guides?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you can use the dungeon finder because you have a tank healer and dps it's pretty fast.. if you don't then questing and doing dungeons once for the quests works well.

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    I levelled my second group using dungeon finder only and it really speeds things up. Just stand at any vendor in a city, you can port back and forth whenever your bags are full. Your characters will automatically be fairly well geared. You will learn how to tank and heal much better than if you were questing. It does get a bit boring sometimes to do the same dungeons over again, especially if you are in full heirloom there's little challenge. You can try heroics too, some are easy, some are almost impossible (mostly because of the stat squish around iLevel 100 means Trial of the Champion and the ICC dungeons are very overtuned).

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