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    I managed to do Motherlode normal with my x3 Demo locks, they were only 333 ilvl, but with some trial and error.. using Felguards for trash for stuns, and using one Voidwalker on bosses I was able to clear it... got a nice 375 chest at the end.

    I made a new team with X3 Demo Locks, a BM Hunter (for heroism) and a Disc Priest, so the Locks can focus more on dps rather than Health Funnel and Drain Life.

    I just wonder if this could work for low keys once geared?
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    No, it won't work well due to the mobility requirements. I main RSHM + BDK + 3 DEMO and it's atrocious. I seriously hate BFA because of how badly tuned the M+ scenarios are.

    All because of the mobility requirements. As in everyone basically needs to be moving a lot and your movement is naturally going to be exaggerated multiboxing. The worst offenders are going to be King's Rest, Atal'Dazar and Shrine of Storms (last boss requires DPS have interrupts). Your easiest ones will be TD and Waycrest Manor. Siege might be impossible mechanically.

    You'd be better served going with a melee comp or BM hunters for a M+ team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMilitia View Post
    You'd be better served going with a melee comp or BM hunters for a M+ team.
    Without a healer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    Without a healer?
    For hunters Clefthooves or spirit pet
    Eonar - EU

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