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    Default Streaming question

    I have zero experience of streaming, but if I wanted to how would I go about it? I would use twitch for this... but don't understand how.

    Here is my pc spec - I am boxing 5 using isboxer.. main window on good settings, rest low:

    i7-7700K 4.2GHz Kaby Lake, RX 480 8192MB GDDR5, 32gig ram

    Would I be better off with a second pc/laptop for the streaming? Sorry I am clueless haha

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    Is it better to have a dedicated streaming system? Well, sort of since it moves the load from the PC you're playing on.

    Is it necessary? Not at all. Unless you're capping your resources by doing both on the same PC.

    I would recommend downloading OBS. It's really all you need to get going and the setup wizard will help you configure it in minutes.

    You'll prob end up wanting to add stream element and images to make your stream look better, cover your chat, etcetc but that's all down to preference and comes later on.
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    I'm by no means a streamer (mainly because I stand there doing wPvP for aages half AFK!) but I've played before.

    OBS is pretty easy to set up and by no means difficult, you can add all sorts of images etc (I made a black box to hide chat as was just showing somebody what I see).

    I did a twitch Example Here - it's deleted all my others.

    I've always had issues using Bluetooth headphones and OBS but sure it's my config.

    I run 10x toons on a laptop and find OBS doesn't seem to take many resources to run.

    Edit: Think I used something simalar to this article as a guide.
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    Thank you guys, I will check this all out

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    I use a old gaming rig for streaming and AH snipping etc.

    In the streaming rig i have a Elgato capture card - I use a HDMI cabel from gaming pc to the Streaming pc with screen mirroring.
    The I use streamlabOBS to grab the game and sound - it comes with a lot of widgets - and some premium like music.
    Nerdordie has some of the best overlay
    Eonar - EU

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