Dunno, I made my main team and I am pushing slowly to 46 as of now (4x lock/disc) and It's been really fun. 6 days played time. But I didn't know alot of things so getting better at dungeons (currently doing zul farrak completely).

I'll also level 4x mage (i got disc now and I'll see how are mages as well in pvp.

Point being, do not rush so fast! Classic is here to stay, and even if some people are 60, 80% of pop is like 30,40. So take your time, the P2 will come most liekly in next 3 months. So you got a really really long time to finally choose your setup.

I am just enjoying blasting people right now, even tho i am missing so many key talents. The game is fun! So if you feel you're burned out go read talents, speccs and make plans ahead. A little planning goes far away. I pretty know bis list for my teams from p1-p6 and we (As guild of boxers) plan to raid each tier and finishing it completely ( apart Cthun and Kel/Sapp) but still thinking it's doable due to knowledge today.

We'll see. Tis a long run anyawy! Boxing is super fun, both pve and pvp.