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    Default Want to but then have no interest

    Hey all,

    I want to Mbox badly then i log into my group and then lose all interest instantly... it is the weirdest thing. I don't know if it is just the slow pace of the early levels or if i am just not cut out for it :/

    What tricks help keep you guys motivated to keep pushing through the slow/aggravating parts

    I am running a Druid tank with 3 mages and a priest


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    I felt like this in my mixed group (hunter/mage/shaman dps).
    Switched the hunter to a warlock because of Dead Zone issues.
    I started getting bored, too.
    Now I've scrapped all of the casters and replaced them with warriors. It's a lot more fun but carries its own annoyances like not being able to stop runners - I chased a Druid of the Fang through 14 pulls yesterday because she just kept running farther than the next pull. I was in combat for 10 minutes straight.
    I still feel that way sometimes and it leads to me falling asleep while fighting or wasting a lot of time by running from Orgrimmar to Deadmines and then losing interest and hearthing after two mini bosses

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    I box because I enjoy it. If it's not fun for you then why do it?

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    Regarding stopping runners I started this thread. In short Paladins have a great solution and Warlocks can do pretty well (with some pros/cons). Hamstringing with my Warriors helped but was only a partial solution (only -40% slow) and used Rage (taking away from DPS) and only lasted 15 seconds... I suspect there are other options out there via mages/rogues/etc but I will let others reply to that thread to flesh those out...

    Regarding getting bored and/or losing interest while leveling... On the positive side it does get a little better as your classes flesh out and you get more abilities but the bottom line is that getting to cap is a pain in Classic WoW and lots of people never get there...

    Some thoughts/recommendations:

    - Try driving from your tank. Not clear from your above post exactly how you run your group but I found running from my lead melee makes the action seem more first person rather than directing it from afar like it did when I was running my group from my healer...

    - Try driving from your healer. Different people like different things so maybe this will be better for you. Maybe switching points of view periodically will help so maybe change back and forth from time to time...

    - Try different group composition. Part of the beauty of the ranged group composition (like Tank+3Mages+Healer) is that you can limit the damage by proximity. The side affect is that only 1 character is engaged while the others are afar. An all melee group can change that giving other challenges. Personally I would recommend trying to stay ranged as it is likely best for most multiboxers and maybe just drive from the Tank to feel engaged... Personally if going ranged I would do 2 Mages+Warlock to give me one more class to both leverage & optimize. You can also change specs within your class(es) to get some different flavor.

    - Set Limits: Set a timer for your sessions and see if that helps. I actually have 2 kitchen timers near me (I recommend the 'CDN TM30')... I set the first timer for my overall session when I start so I know when I have reached my pre-determined limit (for example I may set that initially between 2 to 4 hours). The 2nd one I set for 50 minutes and then reset it for 10 minutes to get up and check on the family, get a drink, use the bathroom, splash water on my face, do pushups/crunches, etc... When I get tired or bored that 10 minutes can help revitalize me.

    - Set goals: Try to set achievable goals in one or a few sessions... It can be a given level, a particular skill, a special talent point, etc.

    - Get metrics/feedback: With addons you can get some valuable feedback and metrics to gauge improvement. I think some folk are using mods which track xp/hour (not sure what addons they are using for that). DPS meters may also help give you feedback (not sure what folk recommend). Personally I like 'Deadly Boss Mods' as it lets me know my fastest kills for a given boss and compares each kill to previous kills. I probably should add for myself a DPS meter and an XP/hour meter. Maybe others will reply with their recommended addons for us both to try...

    - Get into Dungeons: Not sure what level your group is but things got a lot more interesting for me when I was able to enter dungeons. Unfortunately on the Alliance side you need to be ~17+ before Deadmines (for a melee group I would farm the mine outside the dungeon until you hit level 20). For alliance groups getting to ~Level 20 I recommend the FedEx method to level 12 and then I would farm the HyperSpawn in Westfall at the Windmill on the West coast north of the 'Gold Coast Quarry'. From there I would consider leveling in mainly dungeons if that appeals to you.

    - Change scenery: Whether you are leveling in the open world or in dungeons consider changing scenery often if you don't like grinding one location. In some level ranges there are lots of dungeon options (and various open world areas).

    - edit: Get Music! : I almost forgot the most important! Get a music service and have playlists handy for whatever you are in the mood for... When bored this can help amp things up. I use iTunes and love it and change tempo and genre if/when needed... I have a THX speaker system for my PC for external sound when I can do that without bothering others and a nice headset with very comfortable ear pads for when I need to keep it down...

    Best of luck to you. Leveling is one of the most painful things about Classic WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    I box because I enjoy it. If it's not fun for you then why do it?
    Good point though that isn't why I am multiboxing the team I am in classic.

    Sometimes having a powerful long term goal can be enough to drive you through the leveling process.

    Ultimately I am doing my team for the end game goals of maximizing/funding mains for my brother and I but thankfully I do also get some satisfaction from successfully running a multi-boxed team. Personally I am finding an all-melee team of Warriors+Paladins slow/painful to level (certainly not fun) but want these at cap so I am pushing through. I am finding an all-melee team somewhat challenging to level (sometimes a challenge is a good thing) and think I will be glad to be able to say I have done one (have done ranged teams till now) but frankly I am not sure I will ever do another all melee team...

    If I was focused on more fun while leveling I maybe would instead do a pet heavy composition (love beast-mastered pets) for some controlled chaos &/or go ranged (maybe with some AoE) for easier/funner leveling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    things about Classic WoW.
    jeez you went Full Force

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    Honestly I found myself in the same boat, for the first week I was leveling like a demon, but only to level 20, I had multiple teams, 4warriors/shammy, 4locks/priest, Druid magex2, lock and shammy..4hunters/shammy. and finally the fotm warrior, magex3 and priest:
    my mission 5 locks, 5mages and 4hunters who could all be m-boxed for molten core as 5man groups in guild runs... then I fucked up..
    i spent so long getting everyone to twenty so I wouldn’t have to go back and start a fresh team after 60 that I got burned out... everyone around me is 60 and I’m on my best team 28, and I was like what’s the point... my conclusion was I now don’t have enough time to play for more than an hour a night (new baby in the house) and it’s not even worth logging for that, no way am I going to make it into an MC guild, by the time I get 60 and BIS preraid on any team they will be moved to bwl and I’ll have missed the boat. This bummed me out more than most. I think it’s the realization that I can either sleep or play wow but my college days of vannila wow where I could play to 6am and still make lectures are just done. Anyone can force hours for a week but sustaining is too hard...

    Take a break for a while, let your toons gather rest xp, then maybe return in a week or two, and if you’re still bummed out then just walk dude. Life’s to short to let a video game affect you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daben View Post
    What tricks help keep you guys motivated to keep pushing through the slow/aggravating parts
    I personally am more of an explorer than a min/max racer. I tend to go do stuff I haven't seen as someone that doesn't raid, and fiddle with things like reputation mounts and other "completionist" stuff. Also, I pace myself. I like doing multiboxing because it's just about the cheapest gaming I do. Most AAA games that cost $60 on release I can finish in ~15 hours or less, which means I'm done in a week of after-work playing. With WoW, I know the world is full of enough stuff that I'll probably only ever see about ~80% of it. So, I don't sweat it. I just get on and poke around for a bit. When I feel like it, I blow up a dungeon or three. Or I go do crafting stuff. Or farm for transmog gear/mounts. Some of the difficulty is just realizing how many different things you can do and changing up your routine so you don't get bored.

    All that said, WoW is a pretty good test case for learning to love delayed gratification. Especially in classic.
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    Its easy to look at those that are 60 now, but realize that is a sliver of the population. An overwhelming amount of people are not 60, and won't be for months. You got plenty of time, phase 2 won't be out for a long long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    I box because I enjoy it. If it's not fun for you then why do it?
    The age-old problem: I like boxing at 60. It's fun!
    Level 17? 23? 52? Not so much.

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