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    Default Disable windows taskbar flashing?

    I found this little thing on the net that I need to run everytime I start an instance of wow to make it stop flashing on the taskbar if it is in the background:

    run FlashClientIcon = function() end

    Im a little fed up running it manually all the time. Is there a way to have it do so automatically?
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    Please create threads in the appropriate sub-forum and tag them accordingly, as this topic is not related to only WoW Classic and/or HotKeyNet.

    With that said, either use the NoFlash addon or disable the function in the Window registry.
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    Ah thank you for sorting me out I did try to turn it off in the registry, but it didnt help. Still flashes (value set to 0). I found an addon for wow classic that I hope will fix it, but I haven't had time to try it yet. We shall see tomorrow

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    There is an addon called !NoFlash that stops the flashing. I was a little dusty, but a couple of us got it working. Jabberie submitted the fixes.
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