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Thread: 5 paladins

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    Default 5 paladins


    Saw a guy who played paladin solo, made really good dps as spelldmg paladin, Has anyone tried 5 paladins in classic?.

    I'm currently playing 4 mages and 1 priest, but is really craving to try paladins



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    Someone has tried it, idk who it is but this video was in my recommendations on youtube today:

    It looks great, ofcourse you can see that it will have vulnerabilities but it will be a really fun team to play.

    I really liked dk+4 paladins in wotlk. The "immunity to magic debuffs" is great when stacking paladins.
    High armor + auras and buffs. Kill target shouldn't be able to survive if all paladins can reach it, everyone can heal.
    Overall I think it should be a really enjoyable team, kiting might be an issue.
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    The majority of paladin spell damage comes from being hit and reflecting damage with ret aura and holy shield which can only occur if all of the mobs are hitting a single character. The only AE damage the paladins not being hit will have is consecration.

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    looks like that guy in the video is not using ctm/iwt. He could really up his game if he was.
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    I'm interested in this setup. Can anyone give me a high level summary of how they are spec'd? Looks like those are paladins being played as a caster following.

    What are some of the weaknesses with this group? Blessing of freedom x5 seems beastly, 5x rezz.

    Maybe the drinking would suck in dungeons.

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    It would be an easy setup to play and do ok (easy to deal good damage against enemies in close range, easy to heal with and have divine shield, freedom, hammer of justice etc).

    Any magic debuff can be removed with cleanse so can counter CC/roots/slow very good.

    16 out of 20 seconds of uptime on blessing of freedom would make it hard to slow the paladins.

    No gap closer, if you fight players that kite you then you can probably not do anything and they can probably also "bully" you by attacking you from multiple angles and then when you chase someone he just run away and the others attack you.
    Can use Repentance as a gap closer to stop them if you are within 20yd distance.

    Running out of mana easily (not sure how big issue this is if you choose a spec and playstyle to conserve mana, with shamans for example I could farm mobs nonstop without ever drinking, I think in pve you might be able to do that against single target and if you are in heavy advantage pvp situations).

    Very short range, 10yd range on Judgement and Hammer of Justice, 20yd on repentance.

    Limited AoE (I think it is only Consecration and you both need to spec into it and use a big chunk of mana, and people can move out of it in pvp).

    Repentance, Blessing of Freedom etc are dispellable (for buffs it might not be a big issue since you have a bunch of buffs on you so hard to quickly remove spells like freedom, especially on multiple characters).

    Same movement speed as other players in pvp I think (8% from talents, others have 8% movement speed from enchant).

    Considering the paladin in the videos didn't use IWT, stopped all characters when he needed to heal (hard to not do that, but could be worth to fix that to not be so immobile), used divine shield on every character (probably better to use on only one that is about to die) and other things like that, there is room for improvement and even so it seems to be very easy to be strong with it.

    Compared to other groups like casters having to face enemy, dies quickly against melee damage, can be interrupted when casting spells, likely much easier to cc (if there is only 1 dispeller then just sheep/fear it and dispeller/healer is gone) etc. Other groups that could be strong could also be so vulnerable.
    Paladins wouldn't have too much of those vulnerabilities with the high armor, all can heal/dispel/DS and just IWT and press instant attack to deal damage.

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    No gap closers or slows means you'll just get kited all day by decent players.

    Even adding one warrior into this mix would make the group much stronger since you could MS/hamstring targets.

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    i always felt 5 shockadins in full judgement would be the superior route for paladin pvp.

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    I'm running this currently. Only lvl 20 at the moment and havent tried any dungeons yet.
    Its a really strong but kinda slow comp. But it feels very "safe" - like i can do most content.
    I like that you can have so many auras, seals and all the blessings buffs on every char. Buffing every 5 min is a pain tho.
    I reckon it will only get stronger when i get talents into redoubt and reckoning etc.
    Not really doing any pvp on this team, but lack of gap closers is an definately an issue. Maybe some engineer stuff can solve that. Nets or something.

    And free mounts

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    I'm settled, this is going to be my main team. I will go out on a limb here and claim this will be the best phase one 5man farming team. Also, almost unkillable in pvp, maybe only rivaled by a pally/warrior mix. I'm making bold claims today.

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