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    Post Would a 4 Mages, 2 Warlocks and 2 Priests setup be the „best“ Classic Allround Farmsetup?

    Hello fellow MB mates, I am thinking about rerolling as my buddies switched servers and faction. Yeah, don’t ask...
    While leveling with 8 toons in a 2*4 setup is horrible as the XP malus is brutal and you don’t get the perks you get compared to retail (XP for gathering, area loot, multiple loot from rares etc), I still want to work through it and consider it as a long term payoff.

    My picture is this: On one Blizzard account (read: I want to avoid a second Blizzard Account, and obviously 10 chars would be the overall best choice ) you can have 8 WoW licenses, and a 4Mage2Lock2Priest Cloth-Caster-Cleave team is the best Allround indoor and outdoor setup, and I am curious about your POV as I wanna build 2 teams with 2 Mages, 1 Lock and 1 Priest each. This would be my reasons:

    • The synergies of Shadowpriest DPS and Warlocks DPS are nice
    • I can combine Fire and Frost specs for burst+slow+shatter effects
    • insane AoE Power from 6 sources: 4 Blizzards and 2 Rain of Fires for cleaning large areas of fast respawning mobs
    • I got 2 Voidwalkers as tanks, and speccing the Locks to Demo makes this aggro Ping Pong viable and my casters can go to town and spam DPS
    • I got 2 priests so #1 can focus on shadows DPS and #2 on Holy or Disc
    • the priest hots and heals allow the locks pumping out way more mana and/or heal the Voidwalkers
    • almost all instances/dungeons, even the low level ones, can be entered with 8 chars, so 8 chars have it easier and they progress the dungeons faster or at least more comfortable than 5 chars

    Disadvantage: Maximum loot for a 5 toon team. The 3 additional chars allow more DPS, an additional Voidwalker and/or a second Priest Healer or Priest DPS, so it’s about the killspeed and toolset.
    Another disadvantage : No quests possible with 8 toons in a raidgroup.

    I would like to read your thoughts, maybe I missed something ? Does it make “sense” to farm dungeons and outdoors elite NPC groups or high density mob areas with 8 toons, because my simple minded conclusion would be 8>5 when it comes to killspeed and firepower.

    Does anyone else play with a similar setup? Do you slot a melee char in or a Paladin? I would love to play 8 cast chars, but I am open for ideas and different approaches.

    Multiboxing is so much fun! Have nice Classic days, fellas!

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    If you're going to pay for 8-10 accounts and are focused on farming and PvE I don't see why you wouldn't add tanks so you have the option to farm 10man content like ZG (at least trash, maybe a couple of bosses) and UBRS.

    Otherwise you're limited to farming the same content any 5boxer can manage.

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    Someone with more experience could likely give you a better answer, but to echo what Apatheist said, it makes sense in my opinion to have a tank if you're going to be focused on farming. I like the idea of using 8 toons to increase your firepower... but I'm not sure how well a threat "ping-pong" as you called it would work with Voidwalker tanks and a lot of AOE. I know that actual tanks have difficulty with AOE threat, so I would assume that Voidwalker tanks wouldn't hold aggro and your clothies would get wiped out.

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    I could be way off here, but my understanding is that people usually farm 2x4 because of the way spawn rates work in retail; you end up maximizing profit and loot per hour on exactly 8 accounts, which helps pay the extra 3 from an economic perspective (given that in retail you can fund accounts with gold). In classic, the spawn rates are just atrocious and there is very little incentive to go beyond the usual 5, both from a loot/xp perspective and from an investment perspective (being that you are literally paying 3 more accounts just to be a lot more inefficient). Turns out, besides the Shadowpriest mechanics, you can achieve most of your listed synergies with 5 accounts.

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