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    Default Mercurio Season 3 Mythic+ Fun

    After spending some time working on Essences and various class specs, I thought I'd post a few more videos of some Mythic+ runs I'm doing in Season 3 of BfA.

    Here's a run of Tol Dagor I completed tonight with a DK tank, 2 Hunters, a Lock, and a Shammy.

    The key was level 8. These runs are always fun as there isn't much room for error (at least for me) at the higher level keys.

    10-boxing Alliance Sargeras and Kil'jaeden

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    Impressive! Gotta say that made me wonder what I could do if I drove from the tank and not the healer. Seems I am wasting a lot of additional focus time trying to remote control the tank positions. Also love the shortcuts. I don't run TD but maybe after this guide I'll give it a shot.

    PS: I've been driving from healer since Wrath when I did PvP. Got really used to it but it makes stuff requiring lots of re-positioning a mess. It seems in PvE the tank positioning is far more important than the healer positioning and that switches when in PvP.

    Anyway this gave me some much needed perspective on how bad my setup is right now. Thanks!

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